A List of Our Caring Fundraising Partners

Fundraising Made Simple. Use any of these great companies, click a picture of your receipt or invoice, and attach it to an email to   receipts@communitypayitforward.us or text it to (970) 909-0751

Art, Décor and More

Bad Moon Rising (Book Series)

Baxter the Bat Dog (Book)

D & B Designs 

God Hates Abuse (Book)  

Theron Roberson

The Terza Factor


Auto Repair

Derrington Repair  

Phil's Pro Auto Service

Business Sales & Service, Computer, Internet, IT Solutions

Business Equipment Sales, Solutions, Service (BES)

Compustar Technology Services

Cost Optimization by Schooley Mitchell Denver

Harness Data Consulting

Martin Morris of Centennial Web Services/ Pinpoint Local

mwb WEB

Christopher Roberts of Lead Revenue

Total Speed Internet Services

Valatam Dedicated Virtual Assistance 


Construction, Home Improvement

Affiliation Welding & Fabrication

Best Option Restoration (B.O.R.)

Medeiros Handi-Works

Independence Roofing

Rapid Rooter Service

RestoreCo, Inc.

Valor Roofing & Solar

Tom is Handy Handyman Services

Family Fun, Activities/ Self Defense

NOCO Mobile Gaming

Affirmative Investments LLC


Financial Literacy and Financial Services

Learn 2 Invest by Eric Gemelli

Anita McAllister Building Financial Health

Lisa & Jon Vander Hoek of Primerica

Food, Drink, Fun

Bulldog Pub & Grub

Health and Fitness

Audrey Burbridge CMT Massage Therapy


Metro Denver Hypnotherapy and Family Therapy

Shelly Piaggio of LifeVantage

Suzette Skidmore of Healing Solutions Inc.

Kimberly Diaz of Care Matters Always

Insurance Needs

John Lazas, United Health Advisors

Michael Martinez GEICO of Wheat Ridge

Nicole Parreco of Northwestern Mutual

Nathan Sanchez of Farmers Insurance

Sappington Insurance Services llc.

United Health Advisor- Daniel Langfield

Lucas Nett of Family Heritage

Networking Marketing

Community Pay it Forward Networking Program

Denver Free Fun

Pet Needs

Inside & Out Pet Care llc.

Natures Select Premium Pet Foods

Photography for All Occasions

Britt's Pic's of Loveland

Prestige Photography by Gene

Wynkoop Photography

Products and Services

C&A General Services

Dtocs Disposable Kitchenware

Splatmat of Boulder

So Glad I Found This, LLC

Promotional Items

Colorado Promotional Supply

Inklings Custom Screen Printing

Golden Printing & Promotional Supply

Public Adjuster Service

Donahue Claims Service

Real Estate

Robin Glasener of REMAX Nexus

Nancy Henderson of High Ridge Realty

and HR2 Property Management

Sharon McGonigal of Equity Real Estate

Tracie Konigsbaur of Keller Williams Integrity Real Estate

Trusted American Mortgage

Shipping and Freight

Matthew Beck of InXpress

Alone we can do a lot. Together, we cannot be stopped.

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Fundraising for families, children, 501c3 and charities, heroes, social education, catastrophe relief, start up business assistance, and more. Got a situation? Do need help? Give us a shout at help.me@communitypayitforward.us

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The Life and Time of Pets                   42.9%
Pinocchio                                      21.4%
Frozen                                         14.3% 
Wizard of Oz                                  7.1%
Lego Movie                                     7.1%

"Come Together!"

We thrive to be the missing piece in a puzzle that will strengthen  our community by marketing our local merchants, athletes, and musicians, who share our goal of support, strength, and stability for people with emergency needs. With the help of our partners, we are able to assist children who are raising money for illness, church, and school, smaller 501c3 and non-profits, and veteran causes, by utilizing the Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Program. Community Cares is committed to creating a community identity by encouraging donations from the community, to the community.

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