3 Ways to Support Small Businesses in Your Community

Today, the Community Pay It Forward Program shares some ways that your small business can support the local community.

1. How Can Communities Lift Up Small Businesses?

There are many ways that consumers can support small businesses, but three of the most effective ways include:

  • Shopping locally: Choose to shop with small businesses rather than big-box stores since just a few sales could help keep them open.
  • Tipping generously: Remember that small businesses often run on tight margins. If you’re buying food, consider tipping at least 20% to help the staff, especially if it seems slow.
  • Buying merchandise: Another helpful thing the community can do is spread the word about a small business they truly appreciate by wearing branded merchandise. Buy a T-shirt with the business’ logo, for example, to advertise for and support the business.
  • Joining local movements: Find small business focused movements in your area and join in! And check out and consider joining the Community Pay It Forward Program to promote your business and support other local businesses.

2. How Can You Market Your Small Business?

When the economy is struggling, it’s possible that your business will see a drop in foot traffic and revenue. Now that businesses are seeing recovery, it’s essential to show your customer base that you’re still in business. To market your small business, it may be time to bring professionals on board. Some things you may want to consider doing include:

  • Talking to a graphic or web designer about a new website or logo. For example, maybe you have a logo in a JPG file that you want to convert to a PDF file to use for a newsletter promotion. Or perhaps you need a logo designed from scratch. These professionals are the people to consult! Speaking with a marketing or analytics expert. These professionals know how to help your website rank well in Google searches.
  • Using traditional marketing tools. Don’t underestimate the value of having a business card and brochure to hand out. Here’s a possible solution to get you started on designing a professional-looking brochure at a fraction of the cost. Just use the templates, modify, and print!
  • Hiring content writers. Writers can assist with the upkeep of your social media accounts and the creation of new content for blogs hosted on your website.

It’s a good idea to show thanks and gratitude to those who stuck with you through the worst of times. Your social media marketer could send out an email blast campaign offering a discount to regular customers, for example, or you may host a special event at your business for customers on your mailing list.

3. Support for Your Small Business

Your small business is a part of the community, and the community can support you by spending more and helping spread the word about your services. You can help by marketing yourself and showing appreciation to those who help keep your doors open.

Image via Pexels