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I craft unique NFC gemstone bracelets that empower individuals to stand out and connect deeply with personal values, while seamlessly integrating digital business cards for modern networking.

Kylie Whitaker is a quadriplegic caregiver with a heart full of love and a deep passion for mindfulness. In 2024, she founded “A Peace of Kylie” with the mission to bring more peace, love, and happiness to the world. One of her remarkable contributions is the creation of ConnectMe bracelets, which not only help individuals connect with what truly matters to them but also enable them to connect with others through a built-in digital business card. Kylie firmly believes that focusing on one’s vision and desired emotions leads to better outcomes, rather than allowing unwanted feelings to dictate one’s day.
 Having dedicated her life to caregiving for children and quadriplegics, Kylie possesses extensive knowledge about emotions, their regulation, and the transformative power of alchemizing energies. She has invested over 400 hours in in-person personal development, delving into the workings of the human body and emotions. Kylie’s ultimate goal is to share her insights and spread her wisdom globally, ensuring that individuals across the world experience increased peace, love, and happiness in their lives.