Zak Clayton

Founder & CEO

(970) 909-0751


 Everyone deserves a little help. We have designed Community Pay it Forward Fundraising to lend a hand, give a little hope, and move sales for our great Fundraising Partners. 

Zak Clayton founded Clayton Consulting & Event Planning llc. (CCEP) EIN# 47-4208018, on June 5th 2015 after being run from the road while riding his motorcycle. "I was on my way to go camping with friends and family, and, well, I camped.  Just not where I wanted to. I would have never picked the spot with the cactus!" Friends, family, and small local business came to the bedside of Zak and worked hard to assist his family and took a lot of pressure from a bad situation. Where Zak and his family could not find help was with the resource providers that are beholden to a budget. He started to try to come up with a program to help people who find themselves in trouble after January 1st. With the partnership of a few great partnerships, CCEP was born. 

Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Program was created to help raise funds for families in emergency situations, children either sick or injured or raising money for school or church programs, Veterans or Veteran causes, local non profits or 501c3 programs, or private community improvement projects.

Community Dare to Care Outreach, & Events is here to assist people with clothing, furniture, housewares, school supplies, and other life critical needs with the assistance of caring individuals and their donations in the community. Community Cares also assists the community by offering a list of entertainment options to make their events or parties a hit. 

Our Family Volunteers

Aracely Ochoa

Director of Community Cares Outreach CO.


Aracely and Community Pay it Forward Fundraising started working together in 2015 to send her two daughters to Germany in a student exchange program. Since then, Aracely has been a volunteer, and person of great support spreading our mission to people and helping us with our translation need. Aracely has not only expressed, but proven dedication to service to the community. We are proud to bring her on board to not only help the community, but build our availability to help others in Colorado.

Chantelle Pic.jpg

Chantelle is also part of the Community Pay it Forward Family. You can visit her page and shop with her and she will donate to the Community Cause of your Choice! 

Chantelle Wilson

Director of Community Cares Cub Club and Youth Outreach


Hey there! My name is Chantelle, I was born and raised in the western slope and made my way to the Greeley area about 6 years ago. I've been a stay at home mother to my two crazy boys for the last few years and then decided to get in to the real estate business. I grew up watching my mom make a difference in our community with taking in foster children, opening a battered women's shelter and now an advocate at the Greeley CASA. She had been my inspiration to want to help my community now that I have the time and resources. I'm excited to get to know as many of you as possible and just really make a difference locally

Dominique Gunn

Director of Fundraising

& Community Relations


I have spent over half my life in Colorado. In 2005 I moved from Denver to Northern Colorado to attend CSU. I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids. I've worked in the NOCO bar/restaurant industry for about 15 years and may have even served you or a family member. I love that my job lets me meet the many members of the Loveland community. I have so much to be thankful for in my life and helping the community is my way of paying it forward. 

Sarah VanGrandt.jpg
Sarah VanGrandt

Outreach Lead of Fort Collins & North
Social Media Pathfinder


"Everybody has a story so don’t judge a book by its cover because you never know what someone is going through."


I grew up drinking powdered milk and riding with my mom to the food pantry in my cute little hand me down clothes.

She worked two jobs for most of my childhood and I couldn’t have asked for a better up bringing. It taught me humbleness, gratitude, work ethic and so much more. I am so grateful for where I have been able to give back, whether it just be paying for the next in line or whether it be donating clothes, shoes, and other needs to different causes.   I am now a single mother of a toddler and twin babies, doing it on my own so I know just how hard it can be at times.  Even needing help myself at points and times, I will give as much as I can and then a little more! Two things will define you, your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything 

Traci  Headshot.jpg

Tracie is also part of the Community Pay it Forward Family. You can visit her page and shop with her and she will donate to the Community Cause of your Choice! See what she has to offer at Tracie Konigsbauer of Keller Williams

Tracie Konigsbauer

Director of Events

& Hero Relations


For close to a decade, I have committed to partnering with Veterans & Veterans Advocates on a national and local level, through strategic partnerships, grassroots marketing and event planning. My passion is assisting Veterans in navigating the system and ensuring they are receiving the resources and services they have earned. I am delighted to serve Veterans and my community, through building long-standing relationships, organizing and participating in events intended to serve our heroes. As a leader, I am looking to provide a positive influence within the community, manage strategic programs and share my drive to serve others. 


Brittani is also part of the Community Pay it Forward Family. You can visit her page and shop with her and she will donate to the Community Cause of your Choice! See what she has to offer at Britt's Pic's!

Brittani Simmons

Outreach Lead in Loveland


Hi my name is Brittani, I happen to be a widowed single mother of a amazingly smart little boy. I am a true Colorado native. I love living in one of the most beautiful states in the world. I am who I am because my life has been all but easy, from growing up in low income to becoming a widow at the age of 30. I am a survivor. My main goal in life is to help others succeed.

Paul Jones.png
Paul Jones

Community Liaison and Outreach Advisor


"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." Robin Williams

Justice Pic.jpg
Justice Clayton

COO Community Cares

(970) 451-4769



I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado, and have spent my entire life here in Northern Colorado. I aspire one day to become a Law Enforcement Officer in service to our great state. Until that day, I hope to serve our community through the Community Cares program by fundraising for and donating to those in need. One day, I hope to see this program expand across the United States, so that we may serve the people of our great nation, no matter where they may be.

Jerry Clayton

COO Community Pay it Forward

(970) 702-1158


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