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Alexander Plastic Welding

I am Affiliation Welding.

My name is Alexander Houtchens, I have an education

in welding and I am a certified welder. Here at

Affiliation Welding & Fabrication Services I provide

welding of metal and plastic, fabrication, light cad

work, and prototyping. Besides my formal education I worked for a research and development company for 5 years (More)

Attach your receipt here and Affiliation Welding & Fabrication will donate a portion of your purchase to the Community Cause Partner of your choice.

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Proud Sponsor of the Affiliation Den

of clothing


We thank Alexander of Affiliation Welding for being the sponsor of Affiliation Clothing Den. Without their help, it would not be possible. The Community Cares Donation Dens are our outreach programs offering clothing and other life critical needs at no charge. Donations are always needed and appreciated.  You can find the Donation Dens using this map.