Are you a respected practitioner? Do you enjoy Wine and Cheese gatherings?

Have you heard that $500 a month income can save some marriages?

Are you the socialite or your spouse?

I want to tell you how a practitioner built his practice while helping his patient’s friends and family. As a practitioner, you buy the Endocalyx and other supplements at 50% off. A patent had been noticing changes since he was taking the Endocalyx. He asked the practitioner to come to a Wine and Cheese party they were having for about 10 couples. And asked him if he could do a short education on it and see if people were interested.

We have developed a 15 Mn presentation to explain the Glycocheck and Endocalyx. After he did the presentation a few of the couples asked if they could buy some. He sold the ones he brought. If you figure $50 profit a bottle of Endocalyx, it adds up quickly. Then two of the couples asked him if he would come to their home and they would invite some friends. This continued for 512 home presentations. And many of the people that bought came to his office for the Glycocheck scan and become established monthly buyers.

After the first purchase, you can send your clients to your website we set up; you get 25% commission. By the way you don’t have to have the Glycocheck to be a practitioner of the Endocalyx. They can be separate. You can have a community camera iif finances don’t allow at this time. We make it as easy as possible for your clients to start enjoying a new era of health, capillary restoration.

If you are not a practitioner, you can have the same parties and buy for 25% off and develop a residual 36 customer base that can more than provide the amount that can save some marriages. The FDA and FTC does not allow me to give any more numbers than these… Please watch this 18 Mn video by Dr DeBrincat to explain the Glycocheck and Endocalyx, Contact me to see if your license or certification fits into our extensive practitioner categories. 303-579-6881 Start building your practice today.