We went over the solutions for Diabetes and Long Haul Covid with the senior class at IBEM Saturday.

We discussed the Tranzact card Visa system to financially support your clients. Dr DeBord explains that the B3 bands reverses insulin resistance. Other videos show the bands increasing the immune system, lowering blood pressure, burning storage fat in muscles, reducing depression, etc. We discussed practitioners that use the first 10 MN of appt for B3 demo and have 12 to 20 clients buying the bands a month. $80 a month for 6 months.

The Camera shows in 10 minutes the damage of the capillary system; caused by Covid and stress. Diabetes is due to the breakdown of capillaries. The Endocalyx Pro supplement is clinically proven and patented to repair and restore the capillary system. At $75 a month auto-ship could be affordable.

The Sedona, $249 monthly, restores the electromagnetism of the cells allowing nutrients in and waste out. And has been proven in Germany for many years to support the body in fighting over 100 body conditions.

One concern that was raised was how Medicaid and lower income can afford these technologies? When the clients sign up for the $25 Tranzact membership they will be able to save 30-50 percent on the other things they buy, allowing more money to be available for their health.

In November, you will be able to sign up Non-Profits to receive Visa fees from all their supporters. Then they and you get paid every time their members buy with the TC Visa. They can receive full year around money to help clients pay for the B3 bands, Scans, Endocalyx and Sedona. You can provide all this help for a $495 fee.

You will receive, in addition to regular commission on each swipe, if you have 25 client members, you will start with $835 a month from the worldwide pool. Watch video at and contact me 303-579-6881 for a 30 Mn zoom explanation.