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You can’t get the burn on the elliptical, bike ride or walk . Of course, it they were climbing a mountain, or racing up a hill until the thighs and calves burned, that is different,

Getting the burn is a lot of work and can be painful. And after years of getting the burn, joints can be destroyed.

Is it no wonder that we have accepted light exercise not to have to go through the pain? And we just hope it is enough to help our health. The burn was designed into our body to activate all the healing and performance functions.

With B3 BFR technology, discovered and developed in Japan 50 years ago, all exercise can have the burn. And it only takes light exercise and no damaged muscles or joints.

People like me that do not like to exercise and were always looking to find something simple; until the B3 bands. I am among the 65% that don’t use their gym membership after they get it. Since I represent the 65%, you have a lot of clients that need to understand they have a new solution. With the B3 Bands, l look forward to my 12 minutes of exercise a day, The fact I am getting the benefits of the needed 60 minutes in 12 minutes a day.

For $449, you get a home gym. You get the bands, 5 tubes from 10-to 30 lbs, 30 days of coaching and 30 day test drive if you are not satisfied with full refund, You can even finance 6 month with 0% down with Paypal.. You choose coaching (lose fat, tone up or excel at a sport). To become a distributor is only $49.

And you are in good company. The Olympics, NFL, Marines, most pro sports and rehab hospitals are already using them. And if you get Certifed for another $298 you can separate you practice by advertising you use the some technology as the above. If local I will meet in your office to test them. Les Simpson lsimpson@wellnesstechplus.com 303-579-6881 les.b3bands.com