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4mycard is a family business that was first part of Artistic Images, commercial graphics company. Always happy to present a demo of 4mycard and hear about your business and how we may collaborate.

A Vision of the Future

A Vision of the Future

We would like to talk to you about a way to increase your business and assist the community we all call home. We live in an area with multiple college and high schools where graduations happen two times a year.

Angel Sun (ASEA Cellular Health)

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My name is Angel Sun. I’m a vegan, dancer and a holistic health advocate working with ASEA redox signaling technology and products.

Anita McAllister

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Anita McAllister has over forty years business experience in the financial world including having operated a successful accounting business since 1980 and as a mortgage loan officer.

Ascension Hosting

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My name is Jamarri, and I’m a 20+ year-old entrepreneur who works in web hosting and digital marketing through my company, Ascension Hosting. We seek to assist small business owners in gaining control of their marketing and website.

Astra Funding Group

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I am a source of working capital for businesses that cannot qualify for a bank loan, I am also an advocate of small businesses.

Audrey Burbridge

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On Sunday, September 19th, we lost our dear friend Audrey. She was a huge part of what we have done. We will be less of a company without Audrey and her love, compassion, and wonderful outlook and positive vision.

Autumn Dahlia Creative Services

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Your brand is so much more than your logo, it is the face of your business! Autumn Dahlia Creative Services is a full-service branding and editorial design agency that helps purpose-driven professionals stand out in the online space.


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AUXILIA, Latin for “helping hand”, was created with the intent to help organizations meet and expand their missions by providing a cloud-based platform to transform and revolutionize the giving experience.