Axline Advertising Agency

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Axline Advertising Agency is a niche market advertising agency that specializes in providing online review management services to local businesses.

BalanCHIng Mindfulness Institute

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BalanCHIng Mindfulness Institute helps people worldwide transform trauma into triumph, and depression into joy with the help of HeARTful Transformation Therapy and teaches mindfulness tools and techniques for daily self-care and to stop anxiety in its tracks.


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You can’t always change your situation, but you can always change your perspective. Our mission is to help every single person to become their best version.

Bloom Business Management, LLC.

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I partner with service-based business owners, coaches, and consultants to take the backend systems and operations management off their plate so they can scale their business and focus on doing the things they actually started their business to do.

Britt’s Pic’s

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My name is Brittani and I love taking pictures of people. My passion shows in pics. Price: $60 per hour includes 20-25 images on CD edited with all rights


Broken Leg Zak Clayton Community Pay it Forward Fundraising

As I sit here broken hearted-okay, just broken-after taking a fall on a patch of ice and the proposition of spending the next four months with my big butt hopping around on one leg, I have a lot of fear and uncertainty of the unknown.

Buckeye Health Alliance (Bill Willis)

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Bill Willis is President of Buckeye Health Alliance Inc., and a Certified Affiliate Partner of Sedera Inc., as well as a Certified Representative of National Telehealth Solutions, and has worked in employee benefits for 30 years.

Bulldog Pub & Grub

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Open for carry out and delivery, but still needing support. Brandon and his employees are working with local government to maintain safety and serve the community.

C&A Services

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We do our best job, every job maintaining an appreciative positive attitude while respecting and understanding you and your home.

Capillaries? Are we destroying the foundation of our health?

Capillaries? Are we destroying the foundation of our health?

The answer is yes. Our vessels can’t keep up with our stress, lack of sleep, diet choices, lack of exercise, etc. How much value does good nutrition, supplements, hormone therapy, etc have if they can’t reach the cells? None, Nada, nothing, am I right?