Are you aware you have 3 creative ways to support your low-income clients?

We went over the solutions for Diabetes and Long Haul Covid with the senior class at IBEM Saturday.

We discussed the Tranzact card Visa system to financially support your clients. Dr DeBord explains that the B3 bands reverses insulin resistance. Other videos show the bands increasing the immune system, lowering blood pressure, burning storage fat in muscles, reducing depression, etc.

Babak (Bobby) Sadighim

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I am a life coach for social entrepreneurs and people dedicated to making an impact….more

Bottom Line Concepts

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Hello, My name is Deb Ferrer, Referral Partner with Bottom Line Concepts, a financial services company that has helped over 16,000 clients claim over $3 BILLION with the Employee Retention Credits (ERC) program. Bottom Line Concepts client’s list consists of Ernst & Young, McKinsey and Company, Rolex, Chase, LA Lakers, Hilton Hotels and the NY Yankees […]

Can you see the real savings that you can provide yourself and your clients?

You know all the expenses you must pay from your gross 30 to 50 percent markup. Every retailer has the same juggling at. With Z Club, you and your clients get to buy wholesale. Below are three examples. The next time you want buy $100 shoes (Reebok, Nike, Adidas) you will be able to see the retail price is $100 but you will be able to get them for $50 plus $50 Z Bucks.

Do you know how game changing Vigorous Exercise is in Rehab?


3 Medical Devices solutions for practitioners and patients. One identifies the present condition of the capillary system and we have a patented supplement that restores and repairs the capillary system, restoring 20%+ of the oxygen and nutrients back into the cells. Many published Clinical Trials verifying results…

Empower Change through Community Pay it Forward Program

Support the Missions That You Love Today

At Community Pay it Forward, we believe in the power of collective action to make a positive impact. Our unique program aims to bridge the gap between businesses, customers, and those in need, turning ordinary transactions into acts of compassion and support. Let’s delve into the heart of this initiative that’s changing lives. 

How many times have we been fooled by diets?

Did you know dieting locks us into fat gain unless it is accompanied by vigorous exercise? When we are overweight, heavy weight training can be the last consideration. We are dealing with carrying all this weight that is exhausting. And you want to bring heavy weights to the picture? You don’t have the energy