Nationwide Energy Advisors (Margie Basaraba)

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I work for homeowners!! There are 90 million homes eligible for solar and only 4% have it. If you are sick & tired of the big monopolistic energy companies raising your electricity rates whenever they want to, NOW is time to see if your home qualifies for solar. Click Here are the Top 10 questions […]

Ricky Birkenstock

Ricky Birkenstock

Hello there! I’m Ricky Birkenstock, a “Life Quality Engineer” and Holistic Health Coach dedicated to elevating my clients’ quality of life.

SCA Bookkeeping, LLC.

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At SCA Bookkeeping LLC we do more then just organize your credits and debits. We take the time learn your cash flow and help guide you to where you want to be.

Talking V Card

I help people with a digital business card that they can use as a business card, virtual card, web site. My hobbies and Passions I am a geek. love technology, writing a book on tech.

The Other Side of Veterinary Medicine

I tell Mr. Smith what I tell all my clients when they say this to me — “A peaceful death is the best last gift we can give them, after all the years of loving friendship and loyalty they give us.” It’s how I truly feel, especially after watching family members pass away in a […]

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Zafeiri Business Consulting

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I am Publio Casillas. Medical billing franchise entrepreneur. Leadership and teaching have been a passion of mine since 2010. I lover seeing people learn. That ‘ah-ha’ moment is a joy to me. I want people to be successful and be productive in life. Medical billing is new for me and I am still trying to raise capital for that.