Autumn Dahlia Creative Services is the badass brainchild of green-certified brand strategist and eco-consultant, Sarah Goodell. We’re not just a brand strategy and design studio; we’re leading a revolution. We’re here to shake up the status quo with our bold, unapologetic, and socially conscious approach to branding and design. We don’t just create brands; we craft stories that resonate, inspire, and empower. We’re all about authenticity and creativity, and we’re not afraid to push boundaries. But here’s the best part: we’re not just about making a profit; we’re about making a difference. When you purchase a package with us, a portion of the proceeds goes to nonprofits and charities that benefit people and the planet. A great brand is not just about what you stand for but who you stand up for. So come on in. Let’s create something unique together and change the world while we’re at it!


We offer:

Brand Strategy:We don’t just pull ideas out of thin air. Our brand strategy service is a calculated, audacious game plan tailored to your brand’s unique needs. We dig deep, uncover your brand’s core values, and craft a strategy that deeply resonates with your audience and ensures your unique spark stands out in your marketplace.
Brand Identity: Your brand isn’t just a name and a logo; it’s a personality. We create bold, authentic brand identities that tell your story, reflect your values, and make a lasting impression. From completely custom logos and psychology-based color palettes, we’ve got you covered!
Packaging: We believe that packaging is more than just a pretty box. It’s an opportunity to make a statement, to be eco-friendly, and to create a memorable unboxing experience. We design packaging that’s as sustainable as it is stunning.
Social Media Strategy & Content Design: Social media isn’t just about posting pretty pictures; it’s about fostering genuine relationships and building a fiercely loyal community. We create game-changing social media strategies and content that not only ignite curiosity but also spark meaningful conversations. We’re here to boost your brand’s visibility, drive engagement, and turn your audience into a community of loyal fans and customers who’ll stick with you for the long haul. We’re not just growing your follower count — we’re building a family of passionate supporters that believe in your brand.
Are you a purpose-driven, game-changing entrepreneur ready to set the world ablaze? Ready to create a brand that’s not just memorable but unforgettable? Ready to build a community of loyal fans who don’t just buy from you but believe in you? Then it’s time to step up, be bold, and join the Autumn Dahlia revolution!
Community Pay It Forward Partners & Patrons: DM “Pay It Forward” on social media and receive 50% off the VIP package or 75% off the Brand in Bloom Package! The percentage you save will be donated to Community Pay It Forward and the Partner of Your Choice! 

Experience and Qualifications

  • Adobe Certified
  • WordPress Certified
  • Completed the the Aventive Academy for Graphic Design Freelancers
  • Degree in Digital Communications – Specializing in Graphic Arts
  • Additional Degree in Graphic Design and Digital Arts expected graduation date was May 2024, now newly moved to September 2022
As a green-certified brand strategist and Adobe Certified professional with over 20 years of experience in brand strategy and graphic design, Sarah has combined her experience with her passion for sustainable design and her knack for creating bold, unforgettable brands.
Are you ready to work with a seasoned pro who’s not afraid to push boundaries and change the game? 
Let’s do this!
When the design tools are closed, and strategy sessions are over, you’ll find Sarah wheelin’ around after three little tornadoes, exploring the great outdoors, and getting their hands dirty planting things with their life partner and favorite adult human. Sarah’s not just a brand strategist and graphic designer; she’s an adventurer with a zest and appreciation for the fragility of life.
Her kids call her the Photoshop Faerie because she’s often creating fun composites that blur the line between reality and imagination. She’s a novice shutterbug, capturing moments of beauty, chaos, and everything in between. She’s a mentor, teaching budding designers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs alike how to stand out in their markets while standing up for what they believe in.
Above all, Sarah’s a passionate environmentalist and advocate for socially responsible causes. Sarah believes in using her skills and voice to make a difference, to create a better, more sustainable world for her little tornadoes and us all.