Monika Marguerite LuxMy name is Monika. I immigrated from Germany to Canada in 2007. I have been working as a trauma & grief coach for 20 years. I successfully managed to break free from childhood trauma and heal the deep wounds of my past to live a meaningful and purposeful life, helping others transform trauma into triumph. In love with spirituality, mysticism, and personal growth, I used the knowledge and wisdom accumulated during intensive study and direct personal experience to create HeARTful Transformation Therapy, a combination of traditional counseling therapy techniques and Eastern energy healing philosophies that helps to release trapped or buried emotions rapidly and for good.

In 2020 I started a YouTube channel to inspire and empower people worldwide to create happiness and fulfilling relationships, live on purpose and fall in love with their unlimited divine selves. In the past I have collaborated with private schools, churches, senior residences, and community recreation departments. I always had the vision to help veterans heal their emotional wounds from war trauma and I’m deeply grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Zac and share my vision with him.

During my upbringing, I had to endure endless childhood traumatic events, which were rooted in psychological (mental-emotional), and physical abuse, in addition to household dysfunction which included my mother’s mental illness that wasn’t discovered until after her retirement. Being treated for depression in my late teenage years until my mid-twenties, I was suicidal because I didn’t feel I belonged or was loved, and I thought there must be something wrong with me as I was never accepted for who I was. I was sent to many conventional therapists without any success. An energy healing session (Reiki) shortly after my father’s accidental death opened the doors to healing and I embarked on a journey that led me to learn whatever I could about counseling psychology and energy healing and how it can be combined into an immensely powerful tool. I became obsessed with finding a way that would help people more quickly and I started creating what’s now called “HeARTful Transformation Therapy.

My biggest reward is when people leave my office feeling inspired, encouraged, more confident, and freer than before. I’m just passionate when I see people who felt stuck before becoming unstoppable in pursuing their purpose and living a fulfilled authentic life. My heart tells me to change as many lives as I can as a life mission.

BalanCHIng Mindfulness Institute helps people worldwide transform trauma into triumph, and depression into joy with the help of HeARTful Transformation Therapy and teaches mindfulness tools and techniques for daily self-care and to stop anxiety in its tracks.

My passion is to make a difference in people’s lives, teaching them mindfulness tools and helping them release deep-seated trauma to become whole again. My hobbies are photography (people, pets, and nature), dancing, singing, hiking, traveling, reading, and personal growth (always researching new therapies and alternative ways to heal).