Chadd HarrisonHelping people change their lives by helping to identify any limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior. By use special techniques to access the subconscious mind, and change the lines of code, just like a programmer makes changes to a computer. The results are fast and instantaneous. These techniques can help to reduce and eliminate chronic physical pain, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse issues.

Madeline StephensonThey have been in a business partnership as long as they’ve been in a life partnership. by believing that relationships, friendships, partnerships are one of the most important and most valuable aspects of this life. Through this they have experienced ways to enhance relationships and communication using the techniques we have created. It’s been a crash course in how to create the relationships we all want, and live our dream life. “This is extremely important and valuable to us. We specialize in helping couples create better communication, get rid of self detrimental patterns, get a new perspective on why we have disagreements how they can show us what we need to change, and create their dream life.”

“We believe in giving people the tools they need to make the changes themselves. Our main program focuses on teaching you those tools, to empower yourself and your communities. We started in this work due to healing we needed for ourselves.” Chadd’s healing was a 7 years journey through the depths of anxiety and depression, related to the witnessed suicide of a close friend and roommate at the time. Madeline’s healing was a 20+ year journey navigating the turbulent waters of migraine and anxiety, and all its affects on a person’s ability to do normal things. “We’ve been in the trenches, and understand where you are at. This perspective allows us to help a wide variety of people.”

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