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Brendan Morrison
(720) 819-7787
3200 Cherry Creek South Drive
Denver, CO, 80209

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"I am a Financial Services Professional based in Denver Colorado. I primarily serve the great states of Colorado and Alaska but I am happy to help with people throughout the country. I love guiding people on a path to achieve their financial goals and would be thrilled to work with you!"

"My time in the military as a leader and organizer taught me the importance of planning and having the right tools to do the job. So, I partnered with New York Life a company founded in 1845, that now boasts the highest  possible ratings in financial stability as of September 2019 and some of the most innovative financial products available. I believe that with the right financial tools and a solid plan I can help people achieve their financial goals and help communities thrive."

Using a holistic approach to address short-term needs as well as long-term goals. He is not one to offer a simple solution then quickly move on to another client. Brendan knows financial planning is a continuous commitment and dedicates time each year for an annual review with each of his clients to make necessary adjustments as unforeseen events arise in life. As a local agent, He is always available and invites you to reach out to him and makes the promise that he will never simply pass you on to a 1-800 number. "On top of all that I am confident I stand out as having the best beard in the financial industry."

Brendan is proud to offer all Community Pay it Forward Family Members A Free Life Insurance Check-Up Call him today at (720) 819-7787

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