You know all the expenses you must pay from your gross 30 to 50 percent markup. Every retailer has the same juggling at.

With Z Club, you and your clients get to buy wholesale.

Below are three examples. The next time you want buy $100 shoes (Reebok, Nike, Adidas) you will be able to see the retail price is $100 but you will be able to get them for $50 plus $50 Z Bucks.

You earned the Z Bucks from the last time you swiped your Visa to gas up your car ( $70 tankful produced $140 Z Bucks. You buy the shoes for $50 wholesale cost and $50 Z Bucks. Or remember when you bought your lunch and paid $25 again you just gained $50 Z Bucks.

With Z Club you will be able to have Double Your Buying Power for many items you regularly purchase. Please scroll down to last week’s post for a small list of the manufacturers that will be providing their products in the Z Club.

My wife and I have already accumulated thousands of Z Bucks just paying the regular monthly bills (cable, power, wireless, water, etc) and of course those pesky annual bills, like property taxes.

We have found when we pay the bills, buy groceries, go out for lunch or dinner, we can see buying possibilities with each purchase. And there are Flash sales that don’t allow cash at all…$1,100 Z Bucks for a new computer. Only Z Bucks buys the well-known brands.

And next year Tranzact has reserved a Norwegian Cruise Ship for Z Bucks only., Can you imagine your monthly bills paying for a inside cabin for $650 or if you really want to splurge, $18,000 Z Bucks for the Presidential Suite!

The two things you need to enjoy the savings is to join for $25 and transfer some of your spending money to a FDIC insured Checking Account. To provide these savings for your clients is only $495. Watch two short videos 303-579-6881 And you are earning $5.20 a month for the average $3,500 bought on Visa a month. Multiply that by how many clients you see a month and their friends until you retire.