The answer is yes. Our vessels can’t keep up with our stress, lack of sleep, diet choices, lack of exercise, etc.

How much value does good nutrition, supplements, hormone therapy, etc have if they can’t reach the cells? None, Nada, nothing, am I right?

There are two types of vascular or blood vessels. One is to transport the blood to the cells. The other is the tiny capillaries which is the transfer point.

Until now, we have not been told by our doctor we need to look out for signs of this damage. Skin Problems, Fatigue, Lack of Focus, Erectile Disfunction, Leg Cramps, Severe PMS, Cold Hands and Feet, etc.

Can these be just the lack of blood flow in the 4,5- and 6-micron capillaries? Up to this point, people considered these signs of aging.

The 4,5- and 6-micron capillaries are where the magic happens. Isn’t everything you have done for your body impaired if all the nutrients, oxygen, and hormones can’t get to the cells where it is utilized?

According to 105 published studies from 180 research hospitals, lack of flow is where disease starts. Body conditions like: Stoke, Epilepsy, Heart Failure, Diabetes, Pre Clampsia, Sepsis, Kidney Failure and dozens more studies. After 15 years of study the results say all these start with the breakdown of the capillary blood flow that transfers the nutrients to the cells.

The 10-minute under the tongue micro camera scan, that warns you of the capillary flow, is now available to any natural or medical practitioner. Included is a patented supplement that has been clinically proven to restore the capillary flow to the cells. There is a heart attack every 39 seconds and 40% are fatal. Doctors can now show the risk 6 yrs in advance.  Besides keeping clients safe, the doctor servicing 10 to 40 clients a week will make $10K to $40K a month. Contact Les Simpson 303-579-6991 and let us educate your doctor and get your scan done.

Capillaries? Are we destroying the foundation of our health?