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Raising money for our children who are bravely, and with an abundance of courage fighting against illness or injury or raising money for costly school or church programs.

Life has very few certainties. One of these however is that we all, at sometime will need a helping hand to get us through tough times. Beighet injuries from accidents, or work, layoffs, or tragic circumstances. These families have asked for our help and have been vetted to assure their situation warrants the need.

There is a fact that is overlooked or often misunderstood, it is the smaller organizations that work much harder than the large. The large groups are also afforded grants and assistance from big chain superstores. With a few exceptions, our focus will be on the smaller programs. Helping them obtain the support needed for them to continue to do the difficult, needed, and LOCAL missions they work hard to support.

For those who sacrifice, those who leave their families, whether years, months, or hours, not knowing if they will return, local or abroad, country or community, Community Pay it Forward Fundraising, our great Partners, and our Community would like to help you in any way we can.

Providing support or start up support for projects aimed at bringing true improvement to our community that is not publicly or government funded. We would also like to help our entrepreneur friends begin the journey of small business ownership. During the COVID are, we know a lot of businesses that need help to come out of this alive. And more importantly, their employees need support. Please, if you know anyone in this situation, call us now.

We take pride in being there for people when they need our assistance. We are the anti thrift store, providing life critical needs to people in our community who need at no charge. We need your support to continue to provide this service to our community. Would you like more information, please visit our page; Then if you choose to support, upload your receipt here.

Asking for help is not a bad thing, waiting to long can hurt a lot more!

Here is how to receive help from Community Pay it Forward;

            Life is hard and we know well how difficult it is to ask for help. The biggest problem is that the longer you go without asking, the more difficult it becomes to receive help. There is no perfect time for a difficult situation, but to not take care of them as they come will hurt you more in the long run.

            Clayton Consulting & Event Planning llc. is not a loan company. We were started as a result of our founder being run from the road on his motorcycle. He runs this company with the assistance of local merchants who will aid the community simply for directing them to shop with them. The process is very simple. You direct your friends and family to shop with these great folks, take a picture of the receipt or invoice, and text it to us at (970) 909-0751. That’s it. No mark up, no extra spending. They send us a text with your name in the message space and then attach a clear picture of the receipt and invoice to the text. Once a month, we will go around and collect the money from the CommunityPIF Fundraising Partners. We will then send you money to your account.

            It is very important that you understand, you need to make sure that you get this program to your circle. While yes, certain people in the community may dedicate their receipt to you even though they do not know you, but honestly, that is unlikely. *This is a six-month program. When you enroll with us, we will get you the information that you need. You have a couple choices. CCEP/ Community Pay it Forward Fundraising will take out 15% of every donation. That is 15 cents out of every dollar. We also need to charge a $50 set-up fee. If you cannot pay the setup fee, this is not an issue. We will deduct an extra 5% for a total of 20% from every donation. You can get the 5% back if you agree to assist us with 25 hours of volunteer time within your six-month campaign.

To get started is very simple. Please complete this form;

Then visit our scheduling calendar to schedule a meeting. It is very important to complete the form prior to the meeting so we can ask for further information or go live with your campaign as soon as we meet. Let us help you today.

*Fee structure differs for Community Improvement Projects and Small Business Support.

Do you need help? Please download and complete an application. Once you finish filling out the application, find a time that works for you here, and lets get you the help you need.