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Community Cares Cub Club

Great Pictures with Cubs Avie and Nate Cowger, The Colorado Grit’s Moo Moo, and our founder Zak Clayton! Please send us your pictures if you would like us to add them to

Art from the Cubs!!

Your Art Can Help So Many People. All You Need:

When You Are Done, Drop Your Masterpiece Off at 1427 7th St. Greeley CO and We Will Give You A Gift For Helping Us Feed The Community

Join The Cub Club

Raising money for our children who are bravely, and with an abundance of courage fighting against illness or injury or raising money for costly school or church programs.

Community Cares Cub Club Cause Partners

Our mission is to help renew hope for children who have lost a loved one by giving them ‘hugs’ from heaven – a wish or act of kindness – to keep their loved one’s memory alive in their hearts.

Save for a Hugs from Heaven Hope Center to provide after school programs and camp programs for children who have lost a loved one. Purchase “Hugs from Heaven” children’s books and Alive in Our Hearts bears to send to children who have lost a loved one.

Start our Birthday Hugs program to provide cakes or cookies to celebrate the birthday of a lost loved one.

Start a PenPal program, connecting children who have lost a loved one.

My mission here at Deb’s MMA Closet is to help kids and adults of all backgrounds in all Combat Sports. I wanted to keep going with my passion of supporting for over 20 years now to help who I can in my MMA community as well as new ones that would like to come and start this awesome sport. I know I can’t help everyone but I want to help as many as I can I have a form they must fill out and its information for our records and why they need the help little essay about their passion for this sport.

I will use their donations for the 501c3 as well as fight gear and any office supplies I may need and keep up with the insurance and upkeeping of this nonprofit.

I am working and reading the paperwork for the 501c3 and I want to get it out but trying to save the money. I am working on getting Deb’s MMA Closet out there more as well.

School in America is a right our children often take for granted. Let’s help the young in Africa build schools  that will not only educate but feed and nourish them mind, body, and soul.

Lydia Onyango the founder of Happy Gardens Community Organization School. It’s a nonprofit organization school that supports, orphans, disadvantaged and vulnerable children in our slum settlement.

“At the moment, we desperately need three months of school space rental arrears which might lead to eviction.”

The Marie Barney Boston Foundation, Inc., founded in 2016, is a non profit organization whose mission is to improve educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth. The Foundation grants scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary degrees across the United States based upon the applicants’ academic achievements, church or community involvement & financial need. The Foundation is named from its founder, Dr. Marie Barney Boston who was a tireless advocate for education. The Foundation is comprised of volunteers, educators and mentors who provide support to recipients, thereby increasing their chances for success in their educational endeavors.

The Foundation’s goals are to (1) increase the number of disadvantaged students attending college; (2) reduce the number of disadvantaged students lacking access to higher education; and (3) increase the number of disadvantaged students in leadership and policy-making positions who can positively impact their communities.

When you give to Marie Barney Boston Foundation (MBBSF), your donated funds are warded to scholarship recipients. All Board of Directors are volunteers and unpaid.

We’re a 501c3 non-profit that combines the Arts and Business by teaching skills that can help 18+ year-old youths to succeed in any environment. We’ve been operating for over 40 years. We’re teaching many things that most people learn as experienced adults like setting a positive mindset, finding a purpose, setting goals, taking action, communicating well, etc. that will help all of our volunteers and students build into functioning adults who don’t just survive, but shine and thrive! We’re looking for like-minded businesses (and individuals) who could use people skills like this, send them (or get sent) through our 90-day course, and/or help us receive donations to our cause regularly. Practical application of skills in the workplace mixed with the Arts (dance, acting, music, performing) all can benefit equally from this kind of mentorship and training. 

At Once Upon A Time Inc, we’re helping the Young Adults (18+ years old) in our community to build themselves up to be more confident, more communicative, and more honorable. It is our mission to help young adults all around the world with the resources they need to achieve their individual success. With a focus on the Arts combined with Business, we’re helping our youth shine and thrive!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Community Pay it Forward at +1 (970) 909-0751.

We are a collection of active military, retired military and non military families that have banded together to promote and protect the rights of our disabled members and their children with disabilities and other challenges. PAC Mission Statement: To promote and protect our civil rights and those of our children. Raising our voices together, training leaders to advocate and educate, and taking action in the development of public policies that promote our vision of equity of opportunity for all. We are parents, veterans and non veterans, community members and leaders. We are the enduring and unbiased voices for each other and for our children. We are the PAC. We have a voice, we are united, we know the issues, and we will be heard. We understand the unfathomable role parents play in safeguarding our right to be the first protector of our children’s rights and each other’s rights. We must stand together to ensure that this right extends across all domains and to our right to EQUALLY benefit from our mutual prosperity. Until we all can speak for ourselves, we are the experts on what we need to be successful in the world. Our voices matter. To our children, to our community, and to the future of this great nation!

Funds will be used to assist our network of families with ganing access to services, supports, testing that help our community to gain equal access to their world, gain access to a high quality education and work opportunities. Many of our families do not have the financial means to pay for support therapies, assessments of technologies that will help them access their world successfully. Any funds received will distributed to those in need so that they can gain equal access to the supports and services that they need to improve their quality of life. Thank you all for your generous support!

Hero, warrior, Riley Heasley lost his battle to PKAN on July 16, 2019. Pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN) is a rare neurologic disease that affects both children and adults. People with PKAN lack a chemical necessary to metabolize a vitamin in the brain. Without normal levels of this metabolite, part of the brain degenerates, causing severe problems with walking, coordination, vision, speech and swallowing. The illness is particularly cruel in childhood, when uncontrollable twisting movements can be extreme, causing pain and even bone fractures. Awareness is not affected, making the suffering imposed by the disease especially poignant. Many children with PKAN die before the age of 10. Riley was coming up on his 11th birthday.

Community Pay it Forward is honored by the Heasley Family for them allowing us to continue to assist them raising money in Rileys name. Erin and Janis trust in Spoonbill. And Spoonbill is making strides. We ask you to consider uploading your receipt to their cause, in memory of Riley and all the children who have fought this awful affliction, and given their lives to teach the doctors how to cure others so their lives can be saved.

Africans are so behind in the fashion industry and because of this, we lose almost 500 billion dollars yearly due to improper fashion waste and little export and production rate of fashion products in Africa. Our mission is to start a Standard fashion school where all African students can have a vast knowledge about fashion and adapt to sustainable fashion[Recycling fashion products]. With this strategy, We would have [i] a lot of local brand owners which would boost the fashion production rate in Africa and also reduce the low quality and pricey products being imported into Africans by middle men. Cut down the crime rate and joblessness of many African youths by creating more jobs and empowering them with more fashion knowledge so that they can also be self employed.

The Funds we raise shall be used to start a Fashion school, where different African youths who are so passionate about fashion can always come in to learn the deeper part of fashion.This program would help in reducing the cost of fashion products, since the Fashion school shall be helping to develop more youths to be able to own and start their local brands i.e The more local brand owner, the more competition and high rate of sustainable products can be produced for African market.
Stop Shaken Baby Syndrome was incorporated in Massachusetts on May 12, 2009, as a charitable corporation to increase awareness and prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome and to provide support to surviving victims and their families. It is otherwise known as SSBS. Specifically, SSBS raises money through various fundraising events to:

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