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Community Dare to Care

An Auction for Community Dare to Care Outreach

The Auction will start on pACT, August 16th with the goal to raise a total of $5000 for our nonprofit number and help us get a start to the Holiday Food, Toy, and Book Drives. Keep checking back with us every day for more. Please donate when and where you can. To donate items, please schedule a one on one here:  To donate money, please use the QR Code below or use the Community Pay it Forward Program with the Shareable information above. Please stay with us in the next couple days for further information.

Star of The Travel Channels “Eli Roth Presents The Legion of Exorcists” Shaw Whittington God, Ghosts, and the Paranormal Ministry #1 and #2. Both books signed. You have watched the stories on the show, now you can truly get the deeper details of Shawn’s four stories plus so many more.details. You can watch Shawn and Shawn Whittington’s Paranormal Ministry LIVE 2.0 every Friday at 5 PM EST and the 2nd and last Monday of the month on the pACT Channel on Facebook and here on Community Pay it Forward. 

Bidding Starts at $20
A set of three Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Fry Pans.Why Cast Iron? It Improves with Use  One of its greatest advantages is that a cast-iron pan is possibly the only piece of kitchen gear you can buy that noticeably improves after years of heavy use. It Maintains Heat. It’s Virtually Indestructible. It Can Develop a Nonstick Coating. Donated to Community Dare to Care by a family who supports our efforts, donates regularly, and sends anyone who needs help to us when needed. Sizes include 1 10″Skillet, 1 8″ Skillet, and 1 6″ Skillet.

Bidding Starts at $20 

This is a chance for you to really learn more about the quality of a company that cares. ONEHOPE Wines, and our dear friend Stephanie Simoes, The Goddess of the Grape, one of many reasons why we are able to do what we do here at Community Pay it Forward and Community Dare to Care. You can can join us every month on the pACT Channel as we work hard to support GREAT small nonprofits around the country. This $100 Gift Card will be a great gift for the wine lover in your family, or the wine lover in you! Thank you to Stephanie and ONEHOPE Wines!


Bidding Starts at $20

With the help of our community and their donations, we can be there when others are not!

Accepting donations of the following items:

The Community Helpers Facebook Group Page has been established in order to help direct people who need emergency needs with people who have the solution to the problem. Do you need help? Do you have something to donate?

Download the Map Here!
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Donation Dens of Northern Colorado

Your donation helps us maintain no cost clothing to those in need. Each Donation Den costs every month. We also need shelves, racks, hangers, covers and more. Please consider making a one time or monthly donation.

Download the letter from our founder Here!

Accepting donations of the following items:

The Community Cares

Outreach, Event, Entertainment Team, Authors, and Books
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Theron Roberson

Hire Theron for your event, party, or establishment through Community Pay it Forward and Theron will donate a portion to the cause of your choice.

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You can find our updated list by viewing our Mission Form.

Let your schedule dictate our one on one.

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