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Community Improvement Missions

This is for a caring group in the communi9ty who want to improve where they live and are not able to get help from the government and are looking for volunteers and funding to turn something that needs help, into something for everyone.

Julie has for the last two years taken care of children that have started their young lives in very difficult and usually painful situations. Julie, against the scientific world, also has become pregnant and is expecting her own child in the next couple months. Julie’s needs are compounded by the fact that these children may have permanent medical issues. One example is a beautiful 1 and ½ year old young man who has cerebral palsy. As he grows, and gains weight, he becomes more difficult for her to lift and care for. We are looking to help Julie obtain many items for the health and care of these and other children that may need her help. We are looking to find a larger massage table, and a chair lift, rail walkers and so much more.

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