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Community Improvement Missions

This is for a caring group in the communi9ty who want to improve where they live and are not able to get help from the government and are looking for volunteers and funding to turn something that needs help, into something for everyone.
Independent Brothers Motorcycle Club is dedicated to supporting and uplifting those in our community who are struggling and in need of a helping hand. We believe in the power of community and want to do our part to make a positive difference, particularly for families and children who are facing difficult circumstances. Through the love of motorcycles and a commitment to service, we raise money to provide assistance and create hope for those in need. Together, we strive to create a better world, one ride at a time. All donations will be used to support struggling families in our community by providing food for the table, we aim to alleviate the burden of hunger for families in need. In addition, we also provide heating oil/propane to those struggling to keep their homes warm during the cold winter months. Support children and their families with childhood cancer and other debilitating diseases.

We understand the physical, emotional, and financial stress that families go through when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness. Contribute to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude is the leading children’s hospital dedicated to finding cures and saving children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. By supporting St Jude, we are helping to advance pediatric research and treatments, giving hope to families facing a difficult diagnosis. Change the world by making a small difference: Every donation, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in someone’s life. Our goal is to create a ripple effect of positivity and change, making a difference in our community one day at a time. With your help, we can work towards a better future for all.

Julie has for the last two years taken care of children that have started their young lives in very difficult and usually painful situations. Julie, against the scientific world, also has become pregnant and is expecting her own child in the next couple months. Julie’s needs are compounded by the fact that these children may have permanent medical issues. One example is a beautiful 1 and ½ year old young man who has cerebral palsy. As he grows, and gains weight, he becomes more difficult for her to lift and care for. We are looking to help Julie obtain many items for the health and care of these and other children that may need her help. We are looking to find a larger massage table, and a chair lift, rail walkers and so much more.

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We are a collection of active military, retired military and non military families that have banded together to promote and protect the rights of our disabled members and their children with disabilities and other challenges. PAC Mission Statement: To promote and protect our civil rights and those of our children. Raising our voices together, training leaders to advocate and educate, and taking action in the development of public policies that promote our vision of equity of opportunity for all. We are parents, veterans and non veterans, community members and leaders. We are the enduring and unbiased voices for each other and for our children. We are the PAC. We have a voice, we are united, we know the issues, and we will be heard. We understand the unfathomable role parents play in safeguarding our right to be the first protector of our children’s rights and each other’s rights. We must stand together to ensure that this right extends across all domains and to our right to EQUALLY benefit from our mutual prosperity. Until we all can speak for ourselves, we are the experts on what we need to be successful in the world. Our voices matter. To our children, to our community, and to the future of this great nation!

Funds will be used to assist our network of families with gaining access to services, supports, testing that help our community to gain equal access to their world, gain access to a high quality education and work opportunities. Many of our families do not have the financial means to pay for support therapies, assessments of technologies that will help them access their world successfully. Any funds received will distributed to those in need so that they can gain equal access to the supports and services that they need to improve their quality of life. Thank you all for your generous support!

Africans are so behind in the fashion industry and because of this, we lose almost 500 billion dollars yearly due to improper fashion waste and little export and production rate of fashion products in Africa. Our mission is to start a Standard fashion school where all African students can have a vast knowledge about fashion and adapt to sustainable fashion[Recycling fashion products]. With this strategy, We would have [i] a lot of local brand owners which would boost the fashion production rate in Africa and also reduce the low quality and pricey products being imported into Africans by middle men. Cut down the crime rate and joblessness of many African youths by creating more jobs and empowering them with more fashion knowledge so that they can also be self employed.

The Funds we raise shall be used to start a Fashion school, where different African youths who are so passionate about fashion can always come in to learn the deeper part of fashion.This program would help in reducing the cost of fashion products, since the Fashion school shall be helping to develop more youths to be able to own and start their local brands i.e The more local brand owner, the more competition and high rate of sustainable products can be produced for African market.

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