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Community Mission To Serve Our Veterans

Our Mission

To be there for those who were there in service of us, our country, our freedom.

Please join us on February 21st, the day before the 22 hour podcast at any of the Northern Colorado Buffalo Wild Wings Stores,

4711 W 29th St. Unit A Greeley Commons Shopping Center, Greeley, CO 80634

1505 Rocky Mountain Ave, Loveland, CO 80538

150 E Harmony Rd #2A, Fort Collins, CO 80525

and a portion of your total meal ticket will go to support the Charitable Missions Highlighted in this years broadcast!

Joining us in Fort Collins will be Healing Warriors.

Joining us in Loveland will be NOCO Veterans Honoring Veterans.

And Zak will be recording a segment for the 22 hour podcast in the Greeley Store. 

Come and learn more and support so many! Eat Wings, Raise Funds, Support Our Heroes!

Wing Event Picture

Find the silent auction to benefit our non-profit partners this year. 

Welcome to our third annual Community Mission to Serve Our Veterans! Join us on Thursday, February 22nd, from 4 AM EST/2 AM MTN to 2 AM EST/12 AM MTN, as we open the discussion on supporting our heroes in their battle against the invisible war. Over the past three years, we’ve heard stories of triumph, tragedy, hope, and fear. We’ve also discovered cutting-edge procedures and products to aid our heroes. Our guests have shared the importance of their stories, realizing the impact on others facing similar challenges.

This year, we’re introducing organizations nationwide dedicated to improving the lives of our heroes, whether in times of peace or conflict. To maximize our impact, we’ve partnered with outstanding organizations across the United States, addressing the daily struggles faced by our heroes.

As part of this program, we’re raising funds for 10 highlighted organizations. Every sponsor and donation will be divided among these organizations. Welcome to the silent auction helping us make a difference for so many!

Someone who watches our efforts will be winning this trip to Cancun at 1:50 AM EST on February 23rd 2024!

Join us on the Social Media Profile of your choice and tag 4 friends and one Veteran Nonprofit and you will be entered to win this trip. You can enter up to 22 times, but only once an hour.


This trip is a very generous gift from our fantastic friends at Sharing the Credit,

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Money Raised to Benefit these Programs

Please visit with our great
Sponsorship Partners

Honoring our Heroes

Let’s support our heroes who sacrifice so much for our safety, health, and freedom! Those who leave their families, whether years, months, or hours, not knowing if they will return, local or abroad, country or community, Community Pay it Forward Fundraising, our great Partners, and our Community would like to help you in any way we can.

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Healing Warriors Program Logo

Healing Warriors Program

Healing Warriors Program was founded because of a gap in care available to our Service Members, and the need to interrupt the factors that lead to Service Member suicides.

Learn More »
Project Diehard Community Mission to Rescue 22 Badge

Project Diehard

Our mission is to bring public awareness to veteran suicide and to assist veterans in coping with the stress and difficulties in transitioning from active duty military to civilian life.

Learn More »
The Veteran's Ranch Logo

The Veteran’s Ranch

The Veterans Ranch is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Veteran Horse Retreat. It is our mission to help those individuals lay down their heavy coat of burden, leave it there and move forward.

Learn More »
Veterans Honoring Veterans Logo

Veterans Honoring Veterans

Veterans Honoring Veterans (VHV) is an organization of veterans and supporters whose mission is to honor US military Veterans in Northern Colorado, and beyond, by presenting them with a commemorative statue of their branch of service.

Learn More »
Wellness Tech Plus, Inc Logo

Wellness Tech Plus, Inc.

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