Compustar has been in business since 2008, serving the computing needs of the small business community along the Northern Colorado Front Range. Christopher Smith, owner of Compustar and lead technician, has been an IT professional for nearly 25 years. Not only does he have a wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience working in various information technology fields, he has a keen insight into the constantly changing nature of the computing industry as a whole and has a passion for how it affects small businesses and their growth.

Chris’s philosophy and approach to computing services is that a business is about people, and a small business is about very busy people who simply want to get their work done, yet never seem to have enough time in the day. Computers were supposed to revolutionize our productivity and they do allow us to work, create and communicate in amazing ways, but they also present many struggles, distractions and frustrations that often make us far less productive than we would have been without them. Chris and his staff understand this perspective and we insist that our services are characterized with empathy and understanding of the unique needs of our clients, within a broader framework of the need to simply be productive at work.

From a broad perspective we routinely work with virtually every facet of computing technology used by small business today.