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This website will show you;
"Why isn't this whole internet thing working for me?"
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Is your website delivering new business for you? Most businesses have a website already, but they don't see any activity from it. In fact, if you're like 93% of small business owners out there, you're wondering:
"Why isn't this whole internet thing working for me?" Whether you need more customers, or you're frustrated with your current website, or the mysteries of internet marketing just seem daunting and hopeless—in any case, there's one word to describe how you feel:YOU'RE STUCK.

At MWD Web, we help you to painlessly master online marketing, because small businesses deserve to thrive. MWD WEB will 10% commission to the cause for closed business to the cause of your choice. 

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Everyone Needs Total Speed

Jay S. Leber
(303) 415-1000

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Community Pay it Forward is proud to be using
Total Speed Products and Services
to bring you the Community Weekly News & Update. It is the rebirth of our news letter that will be coming out every  week with Events, Partner Information, Fundraising Opportunities, and local Outreach Programs to help our neighbors. We will have more details next week, but click here if you would like to receive the Newsletter. Run Your Event, or Become a Part of the program click here for an appointment.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Amazing Internet Services at Low Prices and 24/7 Phone Support

"Come Together!" with Jay Leber
Owner of Total Speed Internet Services 

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Compustar Technology Services

3321 B North Garfield Ave, Loveland

(970) 744-5964

Compustar has been in business since 2008, serving the computing needs of the small business community along the Northern Colorado Front Range. Christopher Smith, owner of Compustar and lead technician, has been an IT professional for nearly 25 years. (more)
Compustar regards new client projects from the human perspective as opposed to a strict technology perspective. We want to get to know how our clients prefer to work best, evaluating their routine workload demands and how their computing systems may be helping or hindering productivity and personal well-being in the workplace. The ultimate goal in any Compustar project is to make technology work well for the people using them, as close as possible to an ideal working environment for the user. This is quite different from the traditional model of computer service which typically focuses on conforming users to work with systems as it is convenient for the service provider. This is an essential business philosophy difference between Compustar and our competition, and a key component of our success in the marketplace.

  • Locally owned and operated small business.

  • Services delivered with a personal touch and an uncomplicated IT philosophy.

  • Common-sense approach to business technology issues and solutions.

  • Nearly 25 years of practical experience in all aspects of small business computing.

  • Competitive rates and a healthy aversion against price gouging or wasting the client’s money.

  • Sensible service structure and fair billing practices.

  • Prompt and responsive service:

    • All service calls are responded to within 4 hours.

    • Service appointments are scheduled within 0-3 business days.

    • Vast majority of service calls are resolved the same business day as scheduled.

  • Realistic understanding of the nature of the virus, malware and computer hacking industries, which translates to wiser use of your IT dollars.

  • Because we’re awesome, that’s why.

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