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D & B Designs
Brandi & David Tafoya
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We are a custom metal fabrication company. We design, fabricate, finish, and install unique metal work for our customers. Anything from interior design features to structural installments be it hand rail to stairs and the like. We aim to help bring your ideas into reality.

 "I have been working metal since middle school upon attending the very first metals class that my middle school shop teacher started and have enjoyed making things that will last a long time. I find when I am designing something for someone and seeing the look on their face when it is all finished and delivered to be the most joyous thing. And that is a blessing to be a part of. My business thrives on the creative thoughts of others and I love to learn about the people that I work with because we are all part of something wonderful and that is what I feel most strongly about whilst being an entrepreneur."

When I started middle school it was the middle of the school year due to some family problems so when I was enrolled all the elective classes that were typical for young girls to pick were full so I was given the option of shop class or I think it was library assistant and although I am avid reader and would have really love the elective I wanted to do something different so I opted for the shop class and once I found out that I would be able to make a wooden CO2 car I was stoked. I jumped all in. I love math and was very good at reading a tape measure having learned from my dad so shop class was the funnest class I had all the time I was in middle school. I even won a creative metal working award at the end of my seventh grade year. And come high school I was introduced to welding and machining class through a high school/college program. I fell in love with welding and machining and was so efficient at my assignments that I finished them all early and was allowed to go on the learn AutoCAD and run the CNC mill, lathe, and the little water jet that was a part of the machining class. By the time I graduated high school I only really wanted to do two things. I wanted to go to school for performing arts and theater and continue welding and making things from metal. 

My dad however talked me into getting into metal work so that I have a means of making money and could then save up to pay for theater schooling. And after nearly 17 years of working with metal I have decided to start my own business and continue using my creativity and serve everyone who needs my skills to bring their ideas to life. 

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