Darcy Fenoglio

Innov8tive Nutrition in a patchAt Innov8tive Nutrition I give people hope by helping them take the “ailment conversation” out of their conversations. I introduce a whole new way to take supplements. It’s through an all natural Patch that you put right on your skin.

We have 8 different formulas to choose from and multiple patch formulas can be used at the same time for different things going on in body. It’s like “miracle grow patches” and when you give a body what it needs, it responds properly.

I’m a Faithful Messenger of Hope.

Sharing and giving hope to people on how you can help your body help itself naturally is my passion. Getting all natural vitamins and minerals inside your body without swallowing any pills, powders, liquids or shakes is the new way of the future. Our cotton, plant based adhesive patches with no chemicals, no synthetics and no latex are second to none.

It’s as Easy as Peel, Stick and GO!

I feel this is a blessing that came to me to help me heal my body myself, but is not meant to be kept to myself. Blessings are meant to go through you and that’s why my faith leads me to share and also to give back. Looking for a Career that Changes Lives? Click Here!