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Day of Deployed Packages

Join us as we create care packages for our heroes so far away from home.

We are also looking for heroes and their addresses to send these packages. Start building packages today and plan on sending them on October 26th. Questions, concerns? Please contact us with any questions.

Our goal is to save a life. Will you partner with us to achieve our goal?

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A few topics we’d like to discuss include:

We are in need of spectacular sponsors!

Do you want to be a part of the change in your community?
Help us by sponsoring our October 26, 2022 event!

Rediscover the Happy Place Red Community In Loving Honor Of Brick

Family Sponsorship: Help us get in front of more eyes and help spark the conversation in your community! Your name will appear on the website and you will be mentioned during our interview segments as a thank you for sponsoring our event. Commitment: $5 – $50

Rememberance Sponsorship: Help us honor those who have lost the fight to mental health struggles. You may dedicate this sponsorship to a loved one if you choose. Their name will appear on our remembrance wall and you will receive a thank you on our website, as well as a mention during our interview segments.
Commitment: $5 – $50

CEO Sponsorship: Show your commitment to being a part of this mission! Your company logo will appear on our website as well as our social media channels. You will be mentioned during our segments and you will get a 30-second advertisement on our channel twice a week for the rest of 2022! What a bargain!
Commitment: $150-250

Enterprise Sponsorship: This will get you everything in the CEO package in addition to an interview on the podcast of your choice for a ten-minute segment to let people know what your business does and how you help your community.
Commitment: $300-500

All in to Win Sponsorship: This package is our biggest! We will include your logo on both the Community Pay It Forward website and our Rediscovering the Happy Place landing page as well as our event flyer. We will also include your logo on our social media channels. You will be mentioned in our interview segments and you will get a 30-second advertisement on our channel twice a week until the end of 2022. You will also receive an entire 20-minute interview segment on the podcast of your choice to let everyone know what your business does and how you’re helping your community! That’s a ton of fantastic advertising and you’re doing something to help your community fight mental health struggles!
Commitment: $1000 +

If you have any questions about our event or about sponsorships, please contact our Founder & President, Zak Clayton at or call (970) 909-0751.

Would You Like to Join our Mission?