3 Medical Devices solutions for practitioners and patients. One identifies the present condition of the capillary system and we have a patented supplement that restores and repairs the capillary system, restoring 20%+ of the oxygen and nutrients back into the cells. Many published Clinical Trials verifying results.

German Medical Devices. One is for back injury recovery, back muscle strengthening or used as a daily spa treatment by Ritz Carlton and Hilton Presidential Club members.   Used by 400 facilities in 30 countries for injury recovery.

The third is a German PEMF therapy for advanced treatment not presently available in US and Canada.

How many clients do you have with post injury/surgery, knee, shoulder, hip, or lower back pain? Or want to avoid wrist or carpel tunnel surgery?

I am enjoying Dr DeBord’s B3 Certification training. I am amazed at how much our body can do for us when we vigorously exercise.

Look at the rehab benefits you can give them with B3 bands: Start sooner, light exercise, return sooner and better.

You are welcome to join us and ask questions on Dr DeBord’s Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday Zoom ID 638.015.2507 at 7 PM MT. Here is the link to rehab video, https://les.b3sciences.com/rehab-therapy/

People that do vigorous exercise are building muscle to compete in a sport of some kind. With B3, 12 minutes give more results than their hour but give health benefits they are not targeting.

You are probably aware that 70% of the body’s healing happens in deep sleep when the body releases Human Growth Hormone among others. This has been the way most of us get our healing hormones. But this decreases as we age. When you follow the link above on how B3 helps in Rehab you might be as surprised as to how exercise releases more hormones than sleep.

The video shows how the body was designed to heal itself through extreme, vigorous, or high intensity exercise. You know those words that scare most of us? Words that mean heavy work, pain, soreness, dedication? You know those words that keep 65% percent of people out of the gym.

But with the technology of B3 bands 15-minute exercise, you can forget those words. In fact, even the heavy exercisers (Olympics, NFL, most Pro Sports, Army and Marines), are putting those words in the past… and getting better results. If you would like to hear in their words (Olympics top trainer, KC Chief’, Pickleball, etcs top Trainer, etc) text me at 303-579-6881 and tell me who you are and ask for these video testimonials. Get your own 30-day test drive for $449 with 30 days of coaching. 0% down 6 month Paypal.