Larry GoldsteinI help business owners with W-2 Employees qualify for and receive stimulus money from the IRS through the Employee Retention Program. There are No upfront fees and No fees are necessary until the Business Owner’s check is in the mail.

Business Owners can prequalify their businesses in just a few minutes. There are multiple ways to qualify and about 70% of all business owners with W-2 employees qualify. ERC specialists has recovered over $2,000,000,000 for deserving business owners. Please do not prequalify your business as you may be pleasantly surprised about the amount of money you may qualify to receive.

The Employee Retention Program was created a little more than a year ago to help business owners with W-2 Employees that were hurt by Covid. Many business owners struggled to take care of their employees and made certain they were paid during the tough times caused by the pandemic. Other business owners who were brave enough to start a new business during the pandemic and hire people in need of work also deserve all the assistance they can get. Helping business owners get stimulus funding is a passion of mine, especially since this program is sponsored by the IRS. Getting the IRS to write checks for a change to help business owners is extremely enjoyable.

My hobbies and passions include my wife and family are the world to me. My hobbies are golf, shooting, and riding my Razr. The thing I enjoy the most is putting smiles on people’s faces.