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Families & Neighbors in Need

Life has very few certainties. One of these however is that we all, at sometime will need a helping hand to get us through tough times. Beighet injuries from accidents, or work, layoffs, or tragic circumstances. These families have asked for our help and have been vetted to assure their situation warrants the need.

Please shop with any of our Family Partners and choose the family that your purchase will do amazing things for

using this form.

You can upload this QR Code to your homescreen on your phone as a reminder to make every purchase count for a family in need. Every Purchase provides a helping hand to someone in need! 

Other Families & Neighbors in Need

Kathy Buck

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Elizabeth Chambers and Family

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Cherry Family

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Adrina and Lily Glass

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Aracely Ochoa and Family

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Makayla Watson and Boys

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AmBoh Essentials Reset Program
Holly Miller

Driven by Healing

Please allow us to introduce you to our dear friend Holly Miller. “My name is Holly Miller, and just like many of you, I have a story. It began when I was just 14, caught in an unimaginable nightmare. My friend Julie and I were kidnapped and stripped of our innocence, a trauma that left deep emotional scars. While I was fortunate to find my way out of the darkness through the unwavering support of individual and group counseling, Julie wasn’t as lucky. The trauma consumed her; she never truly escaped its grasp, turning to drugs, alcohol, and abusive men. Tragically, in the spring of 2022, her addictions took her life.”

“Julie’s loss was a profound turning point for me. It ignited a fierce determination within me to support other women suffering from similar traumas. During my journey, I stumbled upon the Reset-it program, and it felt like the missing piece I had been searching for. The transformative power of the Reset-it sessions guided me to incorporate its principles into my Trauma Coaching. I became a Certified Reset-it Specialist, driven by a mission to help others Reset-Reown-Restart their lives.”


Mission and Vision

Today, I am proud to walk this path, empowering women to break free from their past and live authentically. I am deeply invested and dedicated to teaching those who have experienced sexual trauma, how to break free from the chains of their past. My mission is to equip them with the tools they need to release fear, guilt, and shame, enabling them to step into a life filled with healing, happiness, and freedom.

I firmly believe that every woman deserves to break free from the shackles of their past and release the burdens of guilt and shame. My goal is to guide and teach them how to live their lives as their true authentic self, free from the untruth of their programs.”


How Will Your Donations Be Used?

Your generous donations will support women in participating in Holly’s Reset-it Program and/or Trauma Recovery Coaching. Together with Community Pay it Forward, her aim to provide assistance to women who need a little extra help. Your contribution will make a significant impact in transforming lives and fostering a community of empowered, confident women.

Combat Recovery Foundation
Marshall Spring
Our mission is to curate life-altering experiences in nature for survivors to reengage their trust in
community, while our vision is to foster a global community of survivors by discovering resources and
igniting the pursuit of purpose. Through peer support, coaching, and community adventures, we
empower survivors to overcome adversity and thrive
How will your donations be used?
  • Preventing Suicide: We know that purpose and belonging are the best tools in the fight against suicide. Utilizing the tools of peer support, coaching and fostering community we endeavor to reignite purpose and discover belonging.
  • Meeting Essential Needs: We understand that healing cannot begin until an individual’s essential needs are met. We provide support to ensure that every person has access to food, shelter, and other basic necessities.
  • Rewarding Courageous Behavior: We recognize and celebrate acts of courage, empowering individuals to overcome adversity and thrive. The wolf you feed is the one that grows.
  • Preventing Tragedy: We work tirelessly to prevent tragedy by addressing the root causes of suicide and breaking the cycle of pain and suffering.
  • Fostering Community: We create inclusive and supportive communities where love and compassion flourish, combatting hate and isolation.
Zita’s Healthy Beginnings mission is to transform maternal and child health. We accomplish this through education, training of community health workers, training of Doulas, advocacy and collaboration with other like minded organizations.
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