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Frequently Asked Questions

Community Pay it Forward was created to help raise funds for families in emergency situations, children either sick or injured or raising money for school or church programs, Veterans or Veteran causes, local non profits or 501c3 programs, or private community improvement projects. Community Dare to Care Outreach, & Events is here to assist people with clothing, furniture, housewares, school supplies, and other life critical needs with the assistance of caring individuals and their donations in the community. Community Cares also assists the community by offering a list of entertainment options to make their events or parties a hit.

Hello. My name is Zak Clayton and I am the president and founder of Community Pay it Forward and Community Dare to Care. I would like to welcome you to these FAQ Questions which are questions that are frequently asked to us about the program. We have done this a little different and I have recorded the answers to these questions giving you, hopefully, a better explanation of the program. If you have any questions, please submit them to us by email at If you ever need anything, please scan the QR Code above or email me at this email address, And welcome the the FAQ’s about Community Pay it Forward Program.

Hello, I am Zak Clayton, and this is the Community Pay it Forward Program

No matter who you are, we have a partnership category for you. Community, Mission, Verified Giving, or Sponsorship Partners.

Shop with our Giving partners, take a picture of the receipt, and choose a Mission Partner to support.

Every purchase generates a referral award, by supporting small businesses, that a percentage is directed to your choice of individuals, and charitable missions in need.

Connect, share stories, and make a difference.

We are guided by our all-inclusive nature and community guidelines.

So come join us in creating a safe, supportive environment for everyone.

Let’s make a positive impact together!

Hello, I am Zak Clayton, and this is the Community Pay it Forward Program

It is a fact, in life, we all need a little help, but asking for it can be difficult.

However, waiting too long without assistance can make things worse.

We invite you to tell your personal story of a life-changing accident and the challenges they faced and emphasize the importance of community support.

We help families, kids, and community projects by providing resources and raising awareness.

We offer support to nonprofits and charities and give them a platform to share their stories and gain support.

We are perfect for Start-ups allowing them to introduce themselves and their visions.

With Community Pay it Forward your circle is encouraged to make everyday purchases that contribute to the community by shopping with small businesses everywhere.

The process involves directing people to a website where they can shop and choose to donate to you by simply turning in a receipt.

Every purchase generates a referral award, and a percentage of each referral is returned to you for the support you are looking for!

Hello, I am Zak Clayton, and this is the Community Pay it Forward Program

We would like to invite you to join Community Pay It Forward, where you can make a difference in three very simple steps.

  1. Tell everyone your story
  2. Open your business to the world
  3. Provide a referral award for closed business transactions

We ask our Community Partners to shop with you click a picture of the receipt that you provide.

We then ask them to attach the receipt to a QR code for the Mission Partner they are passionate about.

Every purchase from our Verified Giving Partners generates a referral award. And 80 to 90% of this referral goes to someone in the community that needs our help.

We offer both set amounts and percentage-based rewards to thank you for supporting our partners.

Your sales, your unique story have the power to change lives.

Remember, it does no small business any good to operate where everyone struggles, so supporting people gives you the added benefit of creating continued

strength and heart felt gratitude for those you have supported.

We want to help you thrive, because without your success, we cannot help others. And no one needs to go it alone when we all Come Together

Hello, I’m Zak Clayton, and welcome to the Community Pay it Forward Program.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn how your shopping can become someone’s lifeline and support system, simply by submitting a receipt for a purchase you already needed to make.

The easiest way to get started is by scanning this QR Code and letting us know what you need (Hold for 5 Seconds).

Alternatively, you can create your Honey Do List.

Explore all our partners and their services by visiting

Once you’re there, navigate to the Find Your Partner tab in the navigation bar and hover over it. Then click on Verified Giving Partners.

This is a comprehensive list of business partners from around the world who, just like you, want to make a difference in everything they do. Use keywords in the search bar to find a partner who can fulfill tasks on your list.

Remember to ask for and keep the receipt from your purchase.

Once you have the receipt, return to the Find Your Partner tab and this time select the Mission Partners tab. You’ll find a diverse range of missions listed there.

A mission represents neighbors and organizations that need your help to continue their great work.

Choose a mission that resonates with you personally and speaks to your heart. Attach the QR Code provided with the chosen mission.

Include your name and email address so we can share it with the mission, and then hit send. That’s it! Your purchase now becomes a lifeline for someone in the community.

With just one purchase, you become a Community Champion and a Community Partner.

With Community Pay it Forward, No One Needs to go it Alone when we all Come Together.

Hello, I am Zak Clayton, and this is the Community Pay it Forward Program

First thing first, Thank you for shopping with our partners! You have taken the first steps a process that will lead to so much good, for so many people.

Your receipt is the key to the program, so please, don’t let it get away. A receipt in any form, such as paper, text, email, will work perfectly.

Please indulge me as I am going to use Community Dare to Care as an example.

Your first step is to visit Hover over the Find Your Partner Tab, then when it appears, click on the Mission Partners Button.

You may have a Mission that you support already, but I would ask you to look over the other Missions that are there.

Every Mission has a QR Code or a link for you to follow to complete the program and turn a portion of your purchase into a donation to the mission you have chosen to support.

When you follow the link, or scan the code, it will bring you to a form very similar to this one.

Each form offers two ways to input the receipt you have collected from the Giving Partner

Every form asks for the same information. We must have your name and email address.

We give you a chance to dedicate your receipt in name of someone.

We also ask for you to volunteer your phone number and your home address because we occasionally send out gifts from our partners to our Community Champions.

Then we ask you to join our email/ text/ and mailing lists. Rest assured, we will never sell your information without your permission. We are also very diligent to not overuse your kindness. We will not spam you.

Except for this form, Community Dare to Care, you will never see a plea for a cash donation. In some cases you will see a link to the missions website if you wish to make a monetary offer to them.

Then, simply hit Submit

The purchase you have made, from one of our great Giving Partners is now a donation to someone in the community that needs our help.

All because you were supporting small businesses and cared for others enough to make your purchases count.

Supporting others has never been easier

Because no one has to go it alone when we all

“Come Together!

Hello, I am Zak Clayton, and this is the Community Pay it Forward Program

Our program is built on a strong foundation of compassion, generosity, and the desire to make a lasting positive impact on the world. Through the Community Pay it Forward Program, we strive to support and uplift non-profit organizations, and those in need, that are making a real difference in their communities. It is a journey we take together, and I can’t wait to show you how you can become a part of it.

You might be wondering if you can donate to someone who is not on our Mission Partners List. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Now, before you feel disheartened, let me explain why this is an essential aspect of our program.

Many non-profit boards have voted to not accept outside donations.

We wholeheartedly respect their decision, as it allows them to focus on their mission without additional administrative burdens.

Moreover, as a responsible company, we must adhere to certain rules and guidelines. We believe in maintaining complete transparency, and that includes securing written consent from our Mission Partners. This ensures that we can advocate for them in the best possible way and use their logos, stories, and likeness with the utmost respect.

But here’s where you come in, and this is where the magic happens. You can become a hero and create a profound impact for these organizations with a simple yet powerful step.

Introduce your favorite non-profit organizations or charitable causes to the Community Pay it Forward Program. By doing so, you become a catalyst for change and help us forge powerful partnerships.

Imagine the potential impact of introducing these organizations to a world of people who may not even know they exist. Your advocacy can unlock a world of opportunities for them.

One donation is great, but this kind of support can be life support!

This is one way that we can prove that no one has to go it alone when we all

“Come Together!

“Hello, I’m Zak Clayton, and welcome to the Community Pay it Forward Program.” 

“On August 14th, 2014, after volunteering to assist a dear friend, Lisa Miller, in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Windjammer near Carter Lake in Loveland, Colorado, I had a life-altering experience.

Let me set the stage.”  “Following the event that concluded at 11 PM, I bid farewell to those in attendance and prepared to embark on my 2013 Harley Davidson Fatboy named Ellie.

My destination was the Beavers Den Leathers, where I planned to camp overnight and extend the festivities. Meanwhile, my cousin and a few friends had already headed there earlier, and I was to follow shortly.” 

“However, little did I know that those plans would mark the last memory of that evening for me. Fast forward nine years, and that day has since become my ‘birthday,’ ushering in a period of immense personal growth and learning.

In these past nine years, I’ve accumulated more wisdom than in the previous four decades combined.” 

“One of my earliest and toughest lessons came swiftly, as I grappled with the harsh reality of life during my recovery, a situation beyond my control. I transitioned from working my federally regulated maximum hours as a CDL driver to a mere 2/3 of a 40-hour workweek.

This drastic change in income resembled going from being a salaried CEO with all the perks to a commission-based salesperson struggling to make ends meet.”

“Payments often faced delays due to various reasons—missing doctor’s checkmarks, delayed test results caused by computer glitches or holidays. As anyone would understand, a significant income reduction results in substantial losses.

This was a time when I had to seek food assistance, yet even that request was denied.” 

“I was incapacitated, unable to lift my head if it slipped off the pillow.

I couldn’t return to work, although they wanted me back. I was, for all intents and purposes, rendered useless.

Yet, I was being penalized for my past hard work, particularly for the money I had earned in 2013.

This punitive situation affected not just me but also my family, pushing me to make difficult decisions about which bills to partially pay each day, all while worrying I would come home to utility disconnect notices.” 

“The stark truth is that insurance companies and landlords remain indifferent to your financial struggles. They prioritize their interests.

However, there are people around you who care deeply. Their love and support are unwavering, but they also have financial limits.

This is where our program comes into play, providing them with another avenue to help while sustaining their own lives and needs.”

“As someone deeply connected to the biking community, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with small business owners in our locality.

These individuals constantly strive to attract customers to their establishments, often participating in silent auctions or giveaways to support community members in need.

But despite their generosity, they face a constant battle to keep their businesses thriving, relying on a healthy community for survival.

They are not corporate giants; they are your neighbors.” 

“Our program thrives on creating unique and unforgettable events.

We want each occasion to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Let me share an example that encapsulates our approach.”

“Derrington Automotive, one of our original partners, allowed us to use their space in our old shop. Rainia came across a Facebook post, sparking an idea.

Five of us agreed to participate in an event: if we reached our goal of $50 and 50 shares on Facebook, we would visit the Windjammer, the same place where my accident occurred.”  “We achieved that goal in a mere three minutes, raising $50 for a cause we hadn’t even considered yet.

Our creative energies were ignited, prompting a second post. If we could double the amount, we’d draw five names, and those chosen would crack an egg over our heads. It took a bit longer—seven minutes, to be precise.” 

“On the chosen day, we arrived with three cases of eggs.

Now, I must admit, if I had known the cost of eggs, I might have considered selling them instead of wearing them, but where’s the fun in that?” 

“We decided to charge $1 per egg, and in just 45 minutes of collective effort, though it felt much longer, we raised an astonishing $789 for a family that had tragically lost their daughter to leukemia—a hardship I can hardly fathom.” 

“After the eggs had been cracked and I was covered in a meal I couldn’t eat for three months, the father of the young girl approached me. He gave me a heartfelt hug and asked, ‘Why would you do this? You don’t even know who we are.’

From that day forward, our mission at the Community Pay it Forward Program became clear: ‘We don’t need to know you to care; we just need to know you need help.'” 

Outro: “Thank you for joining me today on the Community Pay it Forward Program. We look forward to sharing more stories of compassion, support, and community involvement. I hope that you will be a character in our next story. Remember, we’re here to make a difference, one act of kindness at a time.”

And please, remember; “No one needs to go it alone when we all, Come Together!”

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