Life Time Income

Only 3% of dedicated Affiliate Marketers make a living at it. Could it be their system?

Almost anybody has a friend or family member struggling with Affiliate Marketing.

Our structure is simple, commissions and bonuses. We are an international company that owns 6 Antiaging companies. Watch our flagship technology: Our Vascular Truth,

We have 4 business opportunities with challenges for different personalities, talents, and ambitions.

The Manager works directly with the Reseller (doctors, athletic centers, private clubs, hospitals, etc.) This person is the first line support for training, educating clients, marketing materials, etc. All other positions are there to support the manager to support the Reseller. Supporting just 3 resellers, this can be a 6-figure position.

Next, the recruiter, motivator, trainer of Managers. They have at least 4 Managers they are working with. This is a 7-figure position. This is an Area Director.

If you are a mover and shaker and have many years of success in business and/or Affiliate Marketing success, you could be earning high 7 figures annually within a year. This person has 6 people they can trust to recruit, train, and motivate the 24 Managers. And can bring together 72 resellers. This is a National Director.

So, there are two ways to work with our system. You can start with being a Manager and work yourself up. Or if you have the experience, connections, and talent you can build your own team from top down.

Another choice is for Med Device and Pharma reps that want to just service practices and don’t want to build. If these want to serve 10 practices, for instance, their commissions could be $40K+ monthly.

All these numbers are possible when the Reseller is selling 3000 PV per month. Representing 6 companies, this is extremely simple to do. Please contact Les Simpson 303-579-6881