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Innov8tive Nutrition
Darcy Fenoglio

(708) 785-1559
(708) 708-1559

Healing Solutions
Suzette Skidmore
(720) 768-3381

80 Garden Center
Building B Suite 54
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Relaxing, Rejuvenating Services Offered
Raindrop Massage
Cupping Therapy
Medical Massage
Meditation Instruction
Therapeutic Massage

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After visiting Suzette for a relaxing massage, upload a copy of your receipt here with the Community Pay it Forward Cause Partner of your choice. Suzette and Healing Solutions Inc. will donate $5 to that cause in your name.

Shelly Piaggio
Your LifeVantage Distributor 
(719) 209-0197


As a member of the Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Partners, I'm happy to donate 10% of new distributor sign ups and 5% of customer initial enrollments.  

Fundraising for families, children, 501c3 and charities, heroes, social education, catastrophe relief, start up business assistance, and more. Got a situation? Do need help? Give us a shout at help.me@communitypayitforward.us