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Healthy Mind, Body, & Soul

To be healthy has many different meanings to people. We would like to help those who support natural, non-narcotic, holistic programs that can help people by creating scholarships or programs to help people rebuild, rebound, repair, and grow from many different afflictions

Watch as Stephanie Berman joins us and talks about the Aziza Project on the Community Pay it Forward ONEHOPE Wines Fundraiser!

The AZIZA Project offers hope to patients suffering from complex gynecologic pain by
providing funding for them to see doctors with the necessary knowledge & training.
Our fundraising covers the cost of consultations, travel expenses, and treatment for the
At the same time, we are building a network of knowledgeable & caring doctors
who are willing to spend the time it takes to solve these complex issues.
Your Purchases will help Aziza provide funding and connect patients with the doctor who is knowledgeable abut their condition.
They are working to expand our network of doctors to include other specialties, as most complex gynecologic issues require a multi-disciplinary approach. And, in time, they will provide scholarships for medical students planning to work with complex gynecology patients and sponsor licensed physicians to take further training and expand their skill set.

Behavioral Therapy in Arizona

Our mission is to provide mental health care to vets regardless of circumstances or insurances

We use cognitive behavioral therapy, integrated play therapy, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness modalities to support individuals and families. Finding the right fit to address your mental health issues is extremely important. We can help you find the right professional. We treat mental health conditions such as mood and personality disorders.

To provide mental health care and housing for vets and homeless vets in need

Our clinic provides family medicine care for all members of the family. Our goal is to develop ongoing relationships between patients and Christ Clinic. Therefore, all visits are by appointment only. This is not an urgent care clinic. Our aim is to act as the essential medical providers for members of the Northern Colorado community who are uninsured or do not have access to other providers regardless of their background, creed or beliefs. This includes young adults; families with children; and adults with chronic diseases who are not yet eligible for Medicare.
All visits are by appointment only. We do not accept walk-in appointments
Clinic Location #1
Clinic Location #2
Healing Warriors Program was founded because of a gap in care available to our Service Members, and the need to interrupt the factors that lead to Service Member suicides. Our story begins post 9/11 in the corporate sector.

 Despite the rigorous training first responders receive, there’s a crucial gap: resilience and self-care are rarely taught. This oversight can lead to burnout, stress, and decreased job performance, impacting both personal and professional life. My insights aim to fill this gap, providing the missing tools for a sustainable career. Learn to thrive amidst challenges with strategies that should have been part of your initial training. 

Get your seat to Kyle’s Webinar Here

Join us as we learn more about Jeff and find out about the need for those battling hydrocephalus

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Hydro with Hope is here to help families in the hydrocephalus community by offering tangible help and encouragement through online and in-person resources. These resources include our journal, “My Hydrowarrior Story”, and other services that we’re always evolving to make them better and more beneficial for the hydrowarriors we serve.  We also endeavor to increase awareness of hydrocephalus and normalize hydrocephalus-related vocabulary for friends and family of hydrowarriors.

At the moment, most of the donations will be used in order to support the staff of Hydro with Hope so they can effectively and efficiently serve the hydrocephalus community (locally, nationally, and internationally) through speaking, coaching, and providing resources to families who need help.

Please watch Jeff’s Show The Invisible Condition on e360tv every Tuesday and Friday at 10 AM MST 

Watch Char with the Family on Footprints Forward Episode #22
QR Code for Support Healing Warriors

Our Mission is to raise awareness for mental wellness, inspire others on their mental health journey and encourage others that there is always light in the darkness. We are ALL warriors.

Check out the podcast “The Starting Over In Life Expert”. Char was a podcast guest and shared her story! Click here to listen!

Our Vision

The vision is to have Mental Magicc mental wellness kits available for FREE nationwide! We are currently raising funding for these resources and are accepting donations! We want Mental Magicc accessible to all, with a team of Mental Mavens that include therapists, doctors, community leaders to help end the stigma of mental health for all. 

How We Got Started

It all started with an idea, to make mental health wellness better accessible for all people in the community. Enter Mental Magicc!  

Where We Are Going

What started as an idea, evolved into a project that Char energetically promoted on social media. A Facebook Page was built, where mental wellness memes advice, and resources are shared. We even started a GoFundMe Page! We were fortunate (and a little lucky) when we won a free website from The Free Website Guys to catapult Mental Magicc further!

This allows us to reach a broader community to get Mental Magic Health Wellness Kits Nationwide!

Our mission is to assist with the evolution of human consciousness to create a world where everyone can thrive. We offer services 1:1 and 1:many to give people the practical skills and mindset to create healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives, individually and collectively.

After our discussion today, we’d like to be on both ends of the Pay It Forward Community program, both as service providers and as recipients. As providers, we can serve the Pay It Forward Community with:

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