Did you know dieting locks us into fat gain unless it is accompanied by vigorous exercise? When we are overweight, heavy weight training can be the last consideration. We are dealing with carrying all this weight that is exhausting. And you want to bring heavy weights to the picture? You don’t have the energy and it is too painful. Dr DeBord’s Permanent Weight loss video explains:

How many people have gone on the latest craze of reducing calories to gain it all back and then some? The problem is we have been fighting the way our body was designed. The picture below shows we have been trying to fight a metabolism problem with a food solution. Reducing food consumption tells the body to store fat.

When we reduce calories intake the body decides that it does not need to burn so much food and reduces the metabolism of the body. If the body needs less food, then it lowers the metabolism to burn less of it. The body gets mixed signals and stores more fat.

If we add intense, heavy, vigorous exercise into the picture, the body gets the right signal and increases fat burning and body metabolism. According to Harvard Medical, when exercised vigorously the body goes into a proper “afterburn”. Even without further exercise it continues to burn 600 to 1000 calories in the next 24 hrs.

With B3 bands the opposite is true. I have lost 2 inches on my waist and gained 2 inches on my biceps and thighs in 6 weeks; with 12 minutes of exercise daily. And my wife has lost 2 inches on her waist in 6 wks. As she says, the part of the body that is extremely hard to lose. And she has done it with 15 minutes of walking daily.

So if you are tired of fighting the weight loss game, is it time to bring fat burning in muscles into the diet game? It is much more fun, and results orientated. The bands are $449 including 30 days coaching and 6 month 0% down PayPal financing. First payment in 30 days. Les 303-579-6881