John LazasJohn Lazas has been a licensed health & life insurance agent since 2006 and has focused on unique and budget-friendly health insurance solutions for the past 5 years. He has helped hundreds of individuals, couples and families experience greater financial security and peace of mind as well as substantial savings through his advisory services and products. John enjoys distilling the complexities of insurance into concepts that are easily understandable, thereby helping people to experience greater clarity and peace of mind in an area of life that can be so confusing and overwhelming for so many. John’s approach is non-sales-y and caring, and his mission is to save as much money as possible for as many people as possible while providing them excellent value and peace of mind.

Whether you need personal, family or business medical insurance, John has the coverage for your situation. Also available: dental, vision, disability, accident and critical illness insurance. When you purchase a policy, The Health Insurance Specialists will donate to the Community Cause Partner of your choice!