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Keeping Small Business Alive

Providing support or start up support for projects aimed at bringing true improvement to our community that is not publicly or government funded. We would also like to help our entrepreneur friends begin the journey of small business ownership. During the COVID are, we know a lot of businesses that need help to come out of this alive. And more importantly, their employees need support. Please, if you know anyone in this situation, call us now.

After loss and unlucky circumstances, Patty is needing our help. Both personally and professionally. Patty is working hard to stand back up on her own two feet. But pets, animals, are still her passion. Hire Patty today if you are in the Phoenix area and your pet will be taking care of in a way that will show them and you, Patty is the next best thing to you. Patty needs help with all the things that makes a happy life. But you can help her by donating your receipt to her or hiring her today. 

Hi! My name is Sarah. I’m the owner of Autumn Dahlia Creative Services. Autumn Dahlia Creative Services is a full-service branding and editorial design agency that helps purpose-driven professionals stand out in the online space. We offer design packages that help our clients close more sales and make an unforgettable first impression!

I need help raising three special needs children can be expensive at times. My youngest son’s medical supplement that he depends on for 95% of his nourishment costs approximately $950 every two weeks. Likewise, due to all of our medical conditions and special diets, groceries can get a bit pricy as well. I usually do pretty good with a budget, but any help is greatly appreciated!

The donations will be used to support expenses related to running my business. As a disabled mom, profits from my business go toward the support of my three special needs warrior babies and myself.

Thank you for your purchase. Thank you for your support.

In May, 2018 Doug, had an ischemic stroke caused by a blood clot in his brain stem. This has left him paralyzed on his right side and in hospice until the time he passed on in October leaving behind his wife Brittani and young Rowen. Brittani is now trying to balance motherhood and starting her own photography company, Britt’s Pics. Please help her by turning in your receipt from any of the Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Partners utilize their wonderful product or service, then submit your receipt or text it to (970) 909-0751.

Thank you for your purchase. Thank you for your support.

The mission of is to help veterans and their supporting families build businesses through networking. We do this by building a constantly expanding nationwide network of partner individuals, businesses, and service organizations that we refer to assist veterans and their families in finding the resources they need for both personal and professional concerns.

All funds are used to host or sponsor veteran businesses through our one-year business development program, called Boots to Business.

Africans are so behind in the fashion industry and because of this, we lose almost 500 billion dollars yearly due to improper fashion waste and little export and production rate of fashion products in Africa. Our mission is to start a Standard fashion school where all African students can have a vast knowledge about fashion and adapt to sustainable fashion[Recycling fashion products]. With this strategy, We would have [i] a lot of local brand owners which would boost the fashion production rate in Africa and also reduce the low quality and pricey products being imported into Africans by middle men. Cut down the crime rate and joblessness of many African youths by creating more jobs and empowering them with more fashion knowledge so that they can also be self employed.

The Funds we raise shall be used to start a Fashion school, where different African youths who are so passionate about fashion can always come in to learn the deeper part of fashion.This program would help in reducing the cost of fashion products, since the Fashion school shall be helping to develop more youths to be able to own and start their local brands i.e The more local brand owner, the more competition and high rate of sustainable products can be produced for African market.

As a musician, Theron depends on restaurants and bar scene and fundraising events which has been restricted or closed for the majority of 2020 year. Theron is a single father of two teenage kids and they are huge supporters of Community Pay it Forward Fundraising and Theron Roberson has been a Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Partner from the beginning. Please consider helping Theron when you need to make a purchase.

Thank you for your purchase. Thank you for your support.

Our mission is to assist with the evolution of human consciousness to create a world where everyone can thrive. We offer services 1:1 and 1:many to give people the practical skills and mindset to create healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives, individually and collectively.

After our discussion today, we’d like to be on both ends of the Pay It Forward Community program, both as service providers and as recipients. As providers, we can serve the Pay It Forward Community with:

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