Lesley is a Certified Life Coach who helps women find the self-love and self-confidence within themselves so that they can go on to lead the purposeful and passionate lives of their dreams.

My Story

Lesley BradshawWhat makes me stand out is my story. Everything I teach women to overcome is something I have gone through myself. My story is the classic tale of getting pregnant at a young age (19) then being told by those around me that my life was pretty much over. I was told my dreams were no longer important and that my life belonged to my child. I married the father of the child as I was told that I could not live with a man out of wedlock. That relationship ended 7 years after, and I was forced to start over.

I worked in a couple of odd jobs and even was a School Social Worker at one point. I eventually found the man who would be my second husband who I am now in the process of getting a divorce from. Throughout my journey I realized that I was lacking the one most important thing for the quality of life I desired, SELF-LOVE. Because I didn’t love myself as I should have, I became a people-pleaser in the worst way.

Everything I did was to gain the love and approval of those around me, even at the expense of my emotional health and well-being.

Today I can proudly say that through Coaching I have found my way back to myself. I am able to hold healthy boundaries and make the decisions that are best for me regardless of what the Court of Public Opinion thinks.

Her aim is for you to reach the same level strength and freedom for ALL women who come upon her.

When I first heard about Life Coaching, I thought it was something only rich people did as some new fashionable fad. I have a background in Psychology, so I am no stranger to helping and supporting others with their mental health. What really led me to this was being able to support a friend to realize her culinary dreams when everyone around her was telling her to follow what they considered a more “practical” path. With my guidance she has been able to stand up for herself and her beliefs, create boundaries with those people who would seek to bring her down and follow her passions.

In addition to my BSc in Psychology, I was also Certified as a Life Coach by the Certified Life Coach Institute. I love singing, dancing, swimming and traveling. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about new cultures and languages. I am bilingual English and French. My goal is to create a comfortable life for myself and my two daughters. I want to show them that they can go after and achieve anything they put their minds to, that there is no limit on their possibilities!

I also want to be a beacon of hope and support for women around the world. I want when they work with me, read my content or listen to me speak that they are able to envision that the life of their dreams is a possibility once they believe in themselves.

I would love to support them throughout that journey.