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Hi there! I’m Leu Caigua, a passionate Web Developer with over 5 years of experience developing websites and high-performance web applications. Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and experience in frameworks like Vue.js and Vuetify. Additionally, my journey has led me to specialize in WordPress and Shopify; with experience in graphic design using UX tools like Adobe XD that allow me to bring visions to life with attractive designs and robust functionalities.

I ensure projects cross the finish line on time and above expectations. From System Analysis to Quality Assurance, I thrive in diverse team environments, leveraging my skills to solve complex problems with creative solutions .

I’m also a stickler for email security and website performance, making use of tools like Google Analytics and Ads to boost online presence and engagement. Founding Caigua Web Agency was a proud milestone, embodying my commitment to delivering comprehensive web and design solutions that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Let’s connect and explore how we can make your next project a success together!

I do Web & Digital Marketing Services: Passionate about delivering excellent products using the latest digital technologies. My Services include web consulting, marketing, graphic design, SEO analysis, branding, and more. Development: Web development for various platforms, including CMS development (WordPress and Shopify) and e-commerce websites. Design: Focus on user experience (UX/UI) for mobile and web applications. In-depth understanding of clients’ core values, audience, competitors, and milestones. Hosting and Optimization: Efficient hosting service using Hostinger. Custom platform optimized for speed, improving loading times, and support.

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