Life-Time IncomeHello everyone, please join me, I am looking for reliable people that want to work with medical or holistic practitioners. The company represents 3 medical devices. There is one that accurately assesses the risk factor of a person having a heart attack within 6 yrs. They are $24K. We will send out 1000 next month and 5000 by July. So they are being very well received. The company structure and pay program has 4 independent business positions.

The first independent business would be National Director; they recruit, train, and motivate 6 Area Directors. With company bonus pools, their income can be 7 figures. Multiply 5000 by $24K to understand the size of bonus pools. The 6 Area Directors will recruit, motivate and train 4 Managers. With commissions and bonus pools they can make 6 figures. Managers work directly with the practitioners in selling assessments, medical devices, marketing, educating patients, etc. Managers get commission from the Practitioners that use the devices for their patients. If the Managers has 3 practitioners that are doing 3000 pts monthly the managers can be making 6 figures.

There is also a patented supplement that restores the damage of the vascular system. The 3000 pts for the practice is very doable. They only need to assess 86 patients a month. That is with no supplement or sales of the other medical devices. If you know someone that is reliable and wants to work with doctors and practitioners in any of these independent business positions, let me know.

This is commission and bonus only. No promises of any income. All independent business income is legacy income and continues as long as practitioners are selling. The practitioners that sell the services to the clients are the foundation of all of income. If you know of practitioners that want to expand their practice with natural medicine, let me know. They can be making from $10K to $40K+ monthly. Les 303-579-6881