We are seeing clients in the office again providing social distancing and sanitizing between clients. Clients must wear a mask into the building. Virtual appointments are available if needed.

Licensed, experienced, relatable therapist and hypnotherapist working virtually during the stay at home order for COVID 19. Daria Mann is ready to help you as an individual, couple or family. Hypnotherapy will help to create fast effective change for individuals to release anxiety, stop smoking or alcohol, increase self esteem, break old habits or fears, and so much more! Couple or Family therapy will help you develop communication skills, awareness of patterns, and understanding of each other’s perspectives to resolve conflicts. Call 303-358-1293 today for your free 20 minute phone consultation or to book an appointment.

Client-Centered, Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy Services

Are you struggling in your relationship with your children or adolescent? Are they challenging your authority, being pulled away from you and your values by peers or substance abuse? Have you or your child or teen just lost someone you love, a close friend, a classmate? Perhaps you are simply frustrated with your relationship with your spouse, partner, or roommate or maybe you are so ready to divorce or separate because you have lost hope. You have children and you know they will be impacted by your relationship no matter what. Maybe it is time to seek some help?

As a marriage and family therapist, Daria Mann, M. MFT, M. Ed, CCHT will help you learn coping and communication skills. She will help you understand developmental changes and how they impact the relationship. She can also help you examine the family history you each brought into the relationship and understand how old family patterns and behaviors are affecting your relationship and learn how to gently break the cycle that is causing pain. Through it all Daria Mann will be with you to examine feelings and emotions and help you see new perspectives.

Are you addicted to alcohol, vaping, smoking, sugar or something else? Are you stressed out and anxious? Are you ready to release pain from the past and live your best life? Are you a parent of a child who needs to feel better about life and living? Are you trying to figure out what your mental block to success is? Your subconscious mind can serve you in ways you know best or the “tapes” from the past may be turned on automatically and need to be adjusted. to help you. As a hypnotherapist, Daria Mann, will help you through an amazing relaxing hypnosis session to help your subconscious mind serve you in fast, effective way.