Matt WeedenWe get it: you got into business to do what you love, not for the love of marketing. But at the same time, you have to bring new customers in the door. It’s a constant struggle. We help you use the internet to systematically turn strangers into friends, and friends into customers. The secret is: we’re not in the website business. We’re in the building your revenue business. We just use the internet to get you there.

Matt’s the guy you’ll usually find lodged behind the computer building some new web tool—either grinning like an idiot or swearing up a storm, depending on how the code is cooperating. Or, he’s in front of the camera creating new marketing videos or training for our clients. Either way, he likes to think he’s come a long way from the early days of building websites in… ahem… DreamWeaver. Hey, look, what’s that over there? Whether building it himself or overseeing our team, Matt is responsible for making sure you get maximum value out of your dollar with us.