Be on the Lookout for


The Mobile Outreach Cave

She Starts Her Journey at Phil's Pro Auto Service! 

Support our mission and we will thank you by putting adding you to the supporters list, in print, on the Mobile Outreach Cave.

All rates for one calendar year.

$150       12" x 12" Space on Truck
$135       11"x 11"  Space on Truck
$100      10" x 10" Space on Truck
$75          8" x 8" Space on Truck
$50         Printed Name on Truck Great for a Supporting Family in the 

Current partners, call for price.

New businesses, join us and get the

10" x 10" logo with the Gold Package

and a

12" x 12"" for the Platinum.

Let's get together for our community!

Here is the list of sponsors for 2021 for the

Community Dare To Care Den Outreach

Thank You!

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1427 7th St.

Greeley CO, 80631

(970) 909-0751

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