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Nonprofit Services

There is a fact that is overlooked or often misunderstood, it is the smaller organizations that work much harder than the large. The large groups are also afforded grants and assistance from big chain superstores. With a few exceptions, our focus will be on the smaller programs. Helping them obtain the support needed for them to continue to do the difficult, needed, and LOCAL missions they work hard to support.

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HealthOpX cofounders are 2nd generation Americans who had to help their parents navigate the healthcare system. They leaned on their community and community-based organizations for guidance. They knew that to create a sustainable change in their communities they had to uplift and support the community-based organizations that helped them growing up. HealthOpX saw similarities in other underserved populations around the U.S., and how community organizations were also a pillar of those communities, and is on a mission to create sustainable change for the underserved.
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