Samantha CarterAs a former social worker and student of Anthropology, I bring a unique and values-driven passion for people and the earth. As a copywriter, I craft powerful language that supports sustainable marketing strategies, establishes organic brand loyalty, and turns your business’ problems into profits.

By highlighting what makes your business or organization different, valuable, and essential, I am able to tap into the root desires of your target audience and charge emotion that inspires action. As my career in social work demonstrated, I will stop at no lengths for the people and institutions that I believe in. I am your business’ powerful ally and honest confidant. In life, it’s good to have a few of those.

Organic Copy and Content provides freelance and contract writing services to businesses and nonprofits and gives discounts to 501(c)(3)s as well as businesses who run on green energy and have charitable giving practices. OCC is available for copywriting, content writing, and grant writing services.

In addition to writing, I fill my time parenting my very wild and rambunctious toddler, hiking with my husband and dog, gardening, and enjoying the good food and drink that this life has to offer. There’s nothing more valuable to me than meaningful relationships, and I believe in the ability of businesses to drive connection through their products and services, thereby creating a better world for all.