Carolyn RasmussenI’m an Independent Senior Director with Pampered Chef.

I’m passionate about helping people and families eat at home and around the table again. For 11 years I’ve been helping teach how to make healthy meals easily with our amazing quality products and recipes.

The best part is when you purchase something from me, you can always contact me for help or ideas on how/what to cook.

My Pampered Chef Blessing

Carolyn Rasmussen Disney 2020 Castle with FamilyI signed up with Pampered Chef in February 2011, really with the thought of making enough money to pay for a housekeeper twice a month and maybe a little extra mad money. I really didn’t expect it to be life changing. Boy was I wrong. I quickly realized what skills I had lost staying home with the kids, and quickly began finding myself again. Then as my team began to grow, I got excited about helping others with this blessing.

I guess I knew that not everyone ate meals together, but I really didn’t how many didn’t. We always have eaten dinners together most nights. It became my mission to help families with easy recipes, the right tools, and the confidence to cook fast, healthy meals. And including kids in the kitchen, bonus.

This business has blessed me with friends and relationships, the fulfillment of helping so many people, and financial freedom to help with home improvement extras, extra kid activities, regular housekeepers, and plenty of mad money. I never imagined I’d be a Senior Director, working toward Executive Director and loving every minute of it!!

My hobbies and passions are traveling and camping, attending Texas A&M Football and going to Country Concerts with my husband of 27 years. Being involved in my 2 boys (19 & 16) activities. Giving back to the community, often through our church or kids’ school activities.

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