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Most policy owners don't know that they are responsible for proving the scope of loss and leave that

responsibility with insurance. This leaves thousands of dollars that should be used for repairs. "We work for you to ensure you get every dollar you need to make you whole again. With five years experience we have settled over a thousand property claims. We can handle your claim from initial inspection to final settlement. Insurance sends their expert to negotiate the loss now you have an expert in your corner."

"We are locally owned and operated. We believe that every home owner deserves someone that can represent their best interests when faced with damage to their home."

Our firm spends most of its focus on single family homeowners. We believe that they have not been receiving proper representation to insurance during the claims process. We handle the claim from start to finish to ensure homeowners are treated fairly and get the maximum payout on their homeowners claim.

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Property owners in the US leave behind billions of dollars every year because of the complexity involved in the claims process. We are here to ensure that you are not one of them, By working directly with your insurance carrier on your behalf we ensure that you get the maximum amount of money you deserve.

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