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To Save 22

Our Mission

To be there for those who were there in service of us, our country, our freedom.

Good day, thank you so much for your time. Hello, my name is Zak Clayton, founder of Community Pay it Forward Fundraising and Community Dare to Care. I would like to introduce a group of people to you who all have one aim, one goal, one mission, end veteran suicide.

As you know, we have a crisis in America right now with our veterans who are struggling to deal with mental health issues and suicide. I am a cog in a very important coalition of veteran organizations and relief groups aimed at turning the crisis the other way. The number 22 is the number that Americans understand and are familiar with, but as you know, the number has raised dramatically. This trend must stop, and we are asking you to be part of turning those numbers around and start to lower them. One suicide is too many.

February gives us a chance to hold an event that connects events from all over the country aimed at supporting groups aimed at veteran support, relief, and aide. February gives us the once in a lifetime date of 2/22/22, 2-22 to save 22 is setting up events at VFW’s and American Legions and other facilities who support our mission. We would like for you to join us in our mission to support groups from all around the country who are active in the mission to eliminate veteran suicide.

Money Raised to Benefit these Programs

Donations from these caring neighbors

Honoring our Heroes

Let’s support our heroes who sacrifice so much for our safety, health, and freedom! Those who leave their families, whether years, months, or hours, not knowing if they will return, local or abroad, country or community, Community Pay it Forward Fundraising, our great Partners, and our Community would like to help you in any way we can.
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Wellness Tech Plus, Inc.

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Healing Warriors Program Logo

Healing Warriors Program

Healing Warriors Program was founded because of a gap in care available to our Service Members, and the need to interrupt the factors that lead to Service Member suicides.

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Veterans Honoring Veterans Logo

Veterans Honoring Veterans

Veterans Honoring Veterans (VHV) is an organization of veterans and supporters whose mission is to honor US military Veterans in Northern Colorado, and beyond, by presenting them with a commemorative statue of their branch of service.

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Project Diehard Community Mission to Rescue 22 Badge

Project Diehard

Our mission is to bring public awareness to veteran suicide and to assist veterans in coping with the stress and difficulties in transitioning from active duty military to civilian life.

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The Veteran's Ranch Logo

The Veteran’s Ranch

The Veterans Ranch is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Veteran Horse Retreat. It is our mission to help those individuals lay down their heavy coat of burden, leave it there and move forward.

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