Sandy AbbateBorn in Houston, TX. Also attended schools in CA and AZ. Got married and had three kids while living in AZ. We moved to IA about 27 years ago. I will always be a desert person. I love spending time with family and sitting around a nice campfire. I have always had a love for numbers.

After working most of my life as manager of different stores and restaurants, I left bookkeeping and worked in a hospital seeing patients that did not have insurance. I was surprised how many business owners do not keep track of their numbers. When I lost my job in 2020 I decided to try to help these businesses get Security of knowing where they are and where they are going, Confidence in making on-the-spot decisions, and the Ability to reach those goals that they have forgotten about.

I am a true foodie. I love to cook, bake, can, and eat. We do try to live a farm-to-table life. During the spring and summer, working on our garden. Fall and winter, taking care of the harvest. (Thanking God for freezers). Love family time. Whether it is a trip to the park, lake, or just gathering around the dinner table eating and playing games.